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Our outside Christmas 2013.....and a little from the past.

For the first time since we have lived in this house (7 years), I didn't do all of the wreath's on the windows (13) because I just didn't feel up to it. Our outside decor is very minimal this year, but it will be so easy to take down and clean up :)
I had a Christmas flag and some decor on the ground, but do ya'll remember Annie, my latest rescue (you can see her HERE ) Well, the decor no longer exist. She did leave a rubber boot in the huge hole that she dug. I will have to get a recent pic of her up....she is a wild thing!

I left my garland from the fall decor, and just added different ribbons and balls. You can see that I left the rug, and hubby cut out a stocking to "semi" match the stockings hanging on the mantle.

I just simply didn't feel like doing the traditional wreath on the door this year. You can see the inside stockings HERE

It is plenty with the lights on it at night, but we are so far off the road, no one see's it anyway :(

I was looking thru last year's Christmas pics, and couldn't help but post a pic or two with the wreath's on all of the windows. You can tell it is last year because the front door is still red.

Oh how I love it! Just maybe I will get back to this for 2014....who knows?? I can see that red door making a come back when the weather warms up too :)

See the flag under the light.....well so did Annie. Maybe she will do better next year.

I will do my best to get one more post up before Christmas, but goodness, Ya'll know how I am with blogging lately :(

Merry Christmas just incase this is it!


Christmas 2013 at the farm

Here are just a few tidbits of Christmas at the farm this year (better late than never, huh). I don't want to go into picture overload, so I will spread things out over a couple of different post.

 I did a "happy" colorful Christmas this year rather than the "woodsy" bird/twiggy theme that I usually go with. Oh wait, I am only showing you the "Happy" colorful stuff today. There may be some other stuff coming.

 I love the "happy" colorful theme that I went with this year, but I don't think I will ever get the "woodsy" theme out of my system. I think it is the country coming out in me :).

I also used a 10 ft pencil stick tree this year instead of my usual big/full 10 ft tree in order to cut down on decorations. I already had everything but the ribbon, and I bought it on clearance after Christmas last year.  I also used colored lights, which I never do, and I am loving the change. I can see this being a keeper.

 The mantle has the same theme.

The little snowmen are dancing....can ya tell? Also, their scarves match Sophie's Christmas scarf :)

 Here is a close up of the ribbon. It is the black Christmas check mixed with other fun colorful ribbon.

 I also got the stockings on clearance after Christmas last year, and my little monogram lady personalized them for me. So far, Sophie's is the only one with anything in it. Do you see the little monkey sticking out?

 A close up of the mantle.

My stocking is all the way on the other end all by itself  :(

 Another close up of the mantle. It is just a fun theme this year. Of coarse there is more, and I will get the rest posted asap! Until then, have a great week.


Pretty as a postcard

Just a little post to show off some prettiness, and thank all who have e-mailed to check on us. I promise to try and get some Christmas pics up, and visit really soon, but until then, check out Sophie in her new Christmas scarf.

 Bad hair??

She doesn't like her new scarf, can ya tell? 


2013 Fall Mantle at 1800 Farmhouse Rd

Mrs. P almost forgot to show ya'll her fall mantle this year. Here, take a look......

 I used burlap and hounds tooth ribbon this year, along with leftover's from previous years. I didn't buy anything new.

 I am thinking that I will go back to my usual woodsy/twiggy theme next year. This has not been my favorite fall mantle, but I didn't dislike it enough to take it all down and re-do it.

 Don't you just love fall colors?? I think I would like it better if it had a bit more orange mixed in.

  Dried hydrangea's in an old basket, and a handmade bowl from one of hubby's patients has made their way to the primitive coffee table in the great room for the fall season.

 Oh, and meet Annie. This is the latest addition to the farm. She is such a cutie. My nephew found her on the side of the road, and just happened to drop by my house with her. Sophie hates her, but I hope that will change.
This is after a bath, and a full belly. How could anyone be so cruel?? Oh well, she has her "forever" home now, and will never be hungry or scared again as long as she is here with us :)


More fall tidbits on the farm

Ya'll know once Mrs. P got her groove back and could move again, she couldn't leave well enough alone on the farm. Anyone who knows Mrs. P knows this is her favorite time of year.

She had completely forgotten that Farmer P had cut and saved her some cornstalks from the garden.

Mrs P just loves her roo flag, and she put a mum in a bucket that hasn't bloomed out too much just yet, but it will.

Oh, she couldn't let Farmer P's dad's old piece of farm equipment go un-noticed, and of coarse, there is another roo, and a bird house that Farmer P built her a long time ago.

The light is really pretty at night with the mum and pumpkin surrounding it, and of coarse the little concrete pup. Ya'll know Mrs P loves dogs and roo's.

Of coarse, Mrs. P is feeling better, so she has started cooking again. This is a carrot cake that she sent to work with Farmer P, and the girls at his office said it was delish, even tho it is ugly.

Oh, and how could Mrs P not make a cheese cake?? This is a toffee, caramel, cheese cake with graham cracker crust. Now, Mrs P kept it at home and served it to company.

Here is a "snippet" of this year's mantel. Mrs P is not "loving" it, but she just hasn't had the extra energy to take it down and re-do it. She really likes the twiggy/woodsy mantel that she usually does much better than this one. Oh, and she can't find her pheasant anywhere this year!

It has been dark, dreary, and rainy here, which makes Mrs P wanna cook and decorate even more, so there is no telling what she may do next......so stay tuned. 


Comparing life in my rural area to the bright lights of a big city

A few days back, I received an e mail from the talented Kendra Thornton, requesting me to write an article about my home town. Well, I immediately e mailed her back and told her there was no reason to do an article because we live in a very rural area, and there is absolutely nothing here. Well, she e mailed me back again and asked me to reconsider, because she wanted to do an article and compare our area's of living. So many of you bloggers already know that I will ask you where you bought something, and then I will say, "oh, we don't have one of those stores within 120 miles", and I am honestly telling the truth.

Here is the comparison of my "town" and Kendra's.

My Home Town

I live in Mathiston, Ms and chances are, you have never heard of it. Actually, I live outside of the city limits of Mathiston, so technically, I am not a “city” girl. Depending on which map you have access to, our little town of 700 may not even show up. Yes, that is a population of 700 people. I know, most of you may have more than that residing in your “neighborhood” or “subdivision”.

What is there to do in Mathiston, you may ask….well, actually nothing.  It is a very rural area, and you travel elsewhere for any major shopping and most all activities. Our nearest “real” mall is sixty miles away, in Tupelo, Ms, so when you go, you make a day of it. We hit the mall, Sam’s club, and whichever restaurant we choose to dine at since we had to travel so far.  Our nearest wal-mart is approximately 20 miles away, so that is not that inconvenient, and it is a super-center at that. There are no grocery store chains to shop from. We do have a family owned/operated grocery store in our little town, and a post office. There are also a couple of little quick stops with gas pumps. There are no “chain” style restaurants here of any kind, but there are a couple of family owned/operated restaurants, so eating out is very limited in our little town of 700. Oh, did I mention that our little town doesn’t even have a red light? That’s right, no red light at all.

We do have a beautiful landmark here…..Wood Jr. College. It is an old college campus that had sat vacant for many years until the tornadoes of 2011 destroyed our local high school. The beautiful landmark now houses our local high school, and looks more beautiful than ever with a campus full of students.

Am I complaining about our “lack of’s” in our little town? Am I sorry that I can’t get to the mall in five minutes, or eat out at my choice of restaurant any night of the week? Oh, it would be nice occasionally to be just a stone’s throw to all of these little luxuries. As much as we enjoy our visits/vacations to larger areas, I would not be willing to trade the peacefulness/serenity of my rural living for the hustle and bustle of big city living.

Now, we have Kendra Thornton here to discuss why, though it is not for all people, she loves life in the big city. Her hometown is Chicago, and she has written about some of her favorite places there…

My Favorite Things About My Hometown

Of all the cities I’ve been lucky enough to visit in my life, Chicago is definitely my favorite. Call it a hometown bias, but I think we all feel a certain sense of endearment for the place we call home. And just like we have this sense of love for the city, we have our favorite places to frequent. I've picked some of my favorites below.

I love to go shopping, and downtown Chicago has some of the best areas for me to utilize this urge. I recommend you try some areas besides just North Michigan Avenue scene. It's probably the most popular place to shop, but that doesn’t mean it's the only place! You can find hip stores by heading to the Ukrainian Village. Just a few miles from downtown, you'll find plenty of vintage stores and shops. The best thing about this type of shopping is you're never quite sure what you'll find, and always end up with something great!

One of the “tourist” spots in Chicago that I frequent even though I live here is Shedd Aquarium. It's located right on Lake Michigan, making for a beautiful setup. If you visit, you'll have the chance to see over 30,000 animals! With over a thousand different species of animals, just about the only thing you won’t see is a mermaid! I have always been fascinated by the aquatic life, and the Shedd Aquarium is a chance to feel like you are living amidst the sea creatures. Also, this last week of September is sea otter awareness week, and the otters sure are enjoying it!

When I am looking to change up my usual eating pattern, I love to enjoy a Chicago diner. This classic American food spot is a common sight all over Chicago, but one of Chicago’s truest is Lou Mitchell’s. This has been frequented by everyone from presidents to famous actors, making it feel like you are part of history when eating there! You can order breakfast at any hour, from classic eggs and bacon to cereal and fruit. Also, you don’t have to eat greasy; they have plenty of healthy options! I always go for the cantaloupe!

If you have several nights in Chicago, make sure to watch the sun set on at least one evening. Chicago has a notably beautiful skyline and you won't regret finding a spot to watch day become night. You can be right up in the skyline if you choose a hotel downtown. When visiting Chicago, choose a hotel room on a high floor so that you can look out over the town; the site gogobot is great for finding the best places to stay.

We all have our favorite places in our hometowns, and these are just a few of mine. If you ever choose to visit, for just a few days or for a few weeks, there is so much to do in this great city that your time will be full of fun!

Now that we have compared our area's, which one would you choose?? 


Fall at 1800Farmhouserd with Farmer and Mrs P

Well, I didin't know if Mrs P would be able to be here for the fall photo session this year, she has had a really rough summer......but she made it!!

Farmer and Mrs. P are greeting everyone from their rocking chairs this year. Mrs P is recovering from a few "mishaps" that resulted in some broken ribs, so she has not gotten all done that she would like to have, and of coarse farmer P.......well, just don't get Mrs. P started on him! Look at him, just laid back in that rocker like there is nothing to be done.
See, here is a better picture of him..... Mrs P made some big soft pillows for the rockers on the porch, and farmer P hasn't done a thing but sit around since.

Can ya'll tell how stiff Mrs P is, sitting in her rocker. Every little move hurts her. These were the first broken bones she has ever had, and she didn't handle it well at all, nor did she follow Dr's orders, which only made it worse....but she got her fall decorating done!

Mrs P is not real sure who this fellow is. She found him in a box in the attic and he kinda favor's her side of the family with the blonde hair and all. When she was trying to hang him on the wreath, she realized he must have a steel plate in his head, so it could possibly be one of her brothers.

How do ya'll like the rug? Mrs P had really wanted to paint the black/white diamonds on the concrete in front of the newly painted entrance, but she hasn't been able since her "mishaps" and broken bones and such, so she just bought a cheap rug and painted the diamonds on it for now.

Ya'll do notice the rooster's, don't ya? Everyone knows that Mrs. P is going to have rooster's in what ever seasonal decor that she does. That is the farm girl coming out in her.

 Mrs. P has always done a fall tree, but this year she took all of the decorations that she normally puts on it, and applied them to a garland around the entry way of the farmhouse. She didn't buy anything except for some ribbon, and of coarse it will be used again.

 If your out and about, stop and visit Farmer and Mrs P on the porch, they would be happy to have you visit.

There will be a few more pictures of fall on the farm later on. We finally had a rain last night, and the grass is "greening" up a bit. I love to look back on our previous fall pics and compare the weather and the decor.

I am linking up with Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life for Inspire Me Tuesday


Bacon wrapped jalapeno/cream cheese chicken popper's

Ok, I "happened" upon this recipe on pinterest one day, and thankfully read it and remembered it, because the recipe that I used has since "disappeared" and there is only a picture showing up, so I have no idea who to give credit to, and I truly do believe in giving credit where it is due. Anyhoo, regardless of who came up with this recipe, it is fabulous!! I took pics to show ya'll, I only wish you could taste it.

 This is hubby's plate. They can be "kinda" low calorie if you choose for them to be, but obviously he didn't.

First, take chicken (I use tenderloin) and tenderize with mallot, and salt and pepper it really good. Take one serving of cream cheese and place on top of chicken. Take washed, de-seeded, halved jalapeno and place on top of cream cheese.
 Use two pieces of bacon per chicken, criss-cross like above, and put chicken on top of bacon.

 Fold bacon across chicken, and it should look like this. Spray baking dish, and place in oven, covered with aluminum foil, bake on 375 for at least 45 minutes. Remove from oven and take foil off, bake for another 15 minutes, or until bacon is golden brown and crisp.
This is the end product.

 This is my plate, you have already seen hubby's above. I had a salad with mine. It is also good served over rice, topped with that awesome gravy form the cream cheese.

This is it cut open, with a bit of the gravy on it. Oh, ok,  after I took this pic, I piled the gravy on!! Really, all  I had with it was a little bitty salad!

 This is for Sophie's Aunt Sharon tomorrow. She loves them, but she doesn't like to cook!

Try it sometime, and let me know how you like it!