Feel free to pin photo's from this blog...I'm not one of those blogger's that will flip out and go on a rant about you "stealing" my photo's because you liked it enough to share it, lol. I am not a "professional decorator, cook, gardener" or "professional" anything else....I BLOG FOR FUN. Nope....not one of the perfect blogger's here. My house is not perfect, and you will never be led to believe it is. I simply cannot offer you "how-to's", nor will I leave comment's on your blog offering decorating advice...sorry. If you are one of the "professional blogger's" as I refer to so many of them these days, I simply am not interested in your invite to your linky parties...with YOUR strict instructions to follow YOUR rules, lol, in order to increase YOUR traffic. If your not here for enjoyment, then this simply isn't the blog for you.


Back door guest are the best!

That's right, back door guest are the best, so I decided to tidy up on the back porch a bit. Come take a look.

My friend made the monogram for me. They are made out of light weight medal so that they won't warp or rot if you use them outside. He ships if you're interested, shoot me an e-mail.

The bulldog is not here on purpose. I have to decorate around him because he is too heavy to move. He actually weighs more than I do, so he will be here forever I guess. Anyhoo, I am a proud rebel girl :)

I hope one day soon to make this porch into an "outdoor oasis" with a farm table made by hubby, huge hanging lanterns, and I really want to paint the ceiling blue like you see in all of the old houses. Until then, this will have to do. This is Sophie's play area too, see her little doggy door? Our back yard is fenced in for her, and our lab stays in here most of the time too. They love each other to pieces.

This back door leads into the laundry room, which I wall-papered several months ago in a toile paper. LOVING it! I will show you in a later post. Anyway, if you stop by, just come in the back way and don't worry about kicking your shoes off.

Also, be careful and don't trip over these two on your way in.


Starting over "fresh and clean"

When I say starting over fresh and clean, I mean for the summer season, and with a new blog.

I think some of you may recognize the house, with the exception of a different color front door and fresh mulch, it should be very familiar to some, not so much to others.

I closed my other blog, Our Southern Country Home and Farm. I needed a fresh start, just like my yard and house did for the summer season.

I think I need a chance to "re-bloom", kinda like this little clematis vine.

The flowers in the pine thicket have been slow to bloom this year, and that is ok, they will eventually. I know it will be slow building a whole new set of followers, but I am ok with that too.

Just a fresh start........ for both the yard and blog.

 This is a brand new knock out rose that hubby bought for my birthday, isn't it beautiful? I want to be able to look back a year from now and see how much it has grown.
I love being able to look back and see what has changed, or moved forward. Blogging is wonderful for that.

 The front door was red for five years, so it got a fresh coat of paint for a fresh start. Not as bold as the red, but it made quite a statement because the husband noticed it without me saying a word.

I love it when it is time to put out the fresh green ferns for the year. We will see what they look like at the end of the summer. Mississippi heat is tough on things.

While working in the yard today, this little critter was crawling around in the landscape. Don't worry, I took this pic from inside, where I stayed until it had time to leave!

I hope to see some old blogging buddies, and I appreciate the words of encouragement from all of the ones who have sent e-mails. I have never been one of the everyday bloggers, and sometimes may not post for days at a time, but I am back and can't wait to visit with some of you :)