Friday, August 29, 2014

We need a favor, please.....

My mama said that bloggers do post asking for favors  votes all of the time when they have entered a contest and that it would be ok for me to ask, too. Soooo, I have entered a contest at, and I will give all who helps me out a big, nasty, sloppy sugar.
These are pictures of me working so hard, helping my humans with their my mama's latest project. You can see that I am overworked and all, right?? Anyhoo, my mama has entered me in a contest, and the winner gets a $100.00 gift card from Home Depot. She at first said that I could get whatever I wanted with it, because I hardly ever get anything and all (inserting sarcasm here, lol) but then she got to thinking..there probably isn't a lot at Home Depot for a spoiled little dog like me. That is when it "clicked" with her, we will give it to the Oxford Layafette animal shelter.  It is not a lot of money, but every little bit helps. They have a beautiful outside covered area, that they were needing ceiling fans for,  so that the pups won't be so hot when they are out there.
My mama hasn't told all of you the story about her latest rescue because it is way too sad, but the Oxford Animal Shelter was the only shelter anywhere in our area willing to help her out. We really think highly of them, and my mama said from here on out, we will donate and do whatever we can to help them out because they are so good to little unwanted, stray animals. HERE is there facebook page if you would like to visit them.
So, if you would please go HERE and vote for me, we would appreciate it so much, and if I win, the animal shelter gets the giftcard to use on their back yard for their sweet pets.
For all of you dog lovers (and we know who you are) take a look at all of the cute doggies. My mama says that if she could, she would have one of all of us. My daddy just looks at her and shakes his head. Anyhoo, please go click on the little heart under my picture, and think about the big sloppy sugar that I will so gladly give you.   

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My mama's most recent project.....

Yes, she wants you to guess....but no, there is no prize if you guess correctly. Well, I could give you a sugar if you guess right. This has been so much fun for me......and my daddy.
Ok, this is not one of the hints. I am just showing you what my pretty little face looks like in case your the winner of the sugar.

The new project is in my fenced in area of the back yard. Have you guessed yet???

My daddy wasn't really on board at first, but when he saw that my mama wasn't going to give up on this project he knew he better give in and get to work. I have been right by his side the whole time, you know, chasing frogs that are in the big hole, scratching red dirt and getting my face dirty, and giving my daddy sugars for getting in this hole to play with me. Yes, I am sure he is in this hole for my benefit!!

My mama has lots of pictures, but when she started choosing the ones to show, she realized that daddy's underwear were showing in ALL of the pics because he is always bent over. She didn't figure ya'll wanted to see all of that, and....she didn't want daddy to use this hole to bury her in :(

Have you guessed yet?? I am getting ready to pucker up.....

Ok, Ok, she will give you a hint so that you can get a sugar and be on your way already....take a look at what is going on back here.

Here is the source for this eye candy, along with some other great ideas if you want to take a look. My mama's won't look exactly like this, but you get the idea, don't you??
She was really wanting this done in time to decorate it for fall, because ya'll know that is her most favorite time of the year, but we don't think it will be ready by fall. Along with this, the whole deck area will be "spruced" up, with a sitting area surrounding the new fireplace, and a huge new harvest table on the covered porch area that my daddy was suppose to have already built for her. Keep your fingers crossed that neither of my parent's end up buried in that huge hole before the slab is poured. So far, so good, but sometimes, well hardly ever, are they "on the same page" as my mama says on these projects that she comes up with.

We will have a huge get together and roast marshmellows  and have hot chocolate when we get this fireplace done, and yes, ya'll are all invited!
Ya'll know my sister, Annie, will be there. Yea, she is the silly one that loves marshmellows, and my mama always browns them for her when we have a fire outside.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy, happy birthday

Five years ago today, I found this sweet baby in the road and brought her home with me, with intentions of finding her a good home.
Remember this face? Hubby kept saying this was a face that only a mother could love.....well I assure you, I grew to love her with all of my heart!

I called everyone that I could think of that may want a "dog". I begged, I pleaded....with everyone, and no one wanted her. Finally hubby said, "you need to stop trying to push that dog off on everyone that you talk to". So I said "well what am I suppose to do with her??" His answer was, "we will just keep her". Of coarse by this time, he was rocking her to sleep at night and hand feeding her.
Five years later, I simply cannot imagine life without her!

Happy Birthday Sophie, we love you!

Monday, July 21, 2014

A hutch full of love...

Ok, ok, so maybe it is not that mushy, but recently I asked the hubby to "build" me a hutch. His response was "show me a picture". Not a problem, I hop on my pinterest board and start showing him what I want. All of this time, he has thought that these "ideas" came from my head/imagination/creativity, lol.

 This is what he had to start with. It is an old dresser that was no longer in use. It is an odd size, but I just wasn't ready to let it go. Don't you just love it when you have those "AaaaaHaaaa" moments??

 We sketched out a plan and got to work. I wanted this top to match the wood that was going to be used for the shelving and back of the hutch, so it involved some stripping.....which I said that I would not do again the last time that I stripped. Stripping is tough at my age!!

 But just look at her, she was worth every bit of the stripping that I had to do in order to get her! Didn't he do a great job?? I just noticed in this picture that I have left off the knobs on the bottom four drawers. Don't you just love when your showing off and the pics show your "goofs"??

 She is massive, but this room needed massive. Our ceilings are 10ft tall, and he built her to be 8ft tall. Sorry for the poor pic quality, I think I need a new camera.

 I don't have a lot of expensive dishes, and never will because I just don't care anything about that sort of "stuff", so she is packed with junk and stuff.

I have never, ever liked this "formal" dining room...mainly because I am not a "formal" person. Every time I change this room, I hope this is it, and then I change it again, and again, and again. Well, I hope this works for us this time. I still have a list of things to lighting, rug, drapes, know how that goes. I hope to have it complete by fall, wish me luck,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fried green tomato sandwich

Be warned.....there are lots of pictures in this post. I am hoping you can smell and taste the goodness in them.

Have you ever heard of a Fried Green Tomato sandwich?
You will never think of a "regular" sandwich the same way again once you have tasted this cheesy, buttery, greasy, oohey, goohey sandwich.

It starts with far as I am concerned, this just can't be substituted.

Instead of pimento's, I use roasted sweet red peppers. They just add a "kick" that the pimento's do not have. Did I forget to tell you that we are making home made pimento and cheese?? Ya'll know I get to rambling sometimes....

A heaping spoon of your favorite mayo, and a dash of lemon juice. Mix all together and YUM! Refrigerate until needed.

A slab or two of bacon...I did mine in the microwave. It is the quickest and easiest way for me.

A pan full of fried green tomatoes....or two pans, lol. You will need to sample numerous slices of these to make sure they are just right for this sandwich :)

Now, I am almost ashamed to tell you about the if this sandwich needs more calories,  I used a five cheese garlic bread (great value from walmart). Just toast to melt the cheesy goodness on top, and start piling the fixing's on.

So now we have home made pimento and cheese (made with sweet, red, roasted peppers), bacon, fried green tomatoes, all piled on this scrumptious cheesy/garlic bread.

You can use whatever type of bread you choose, but this greasy, cheesy garlic bread sure compliments these "fixings". Just look at that cheesy/greasy goodness on is on the bottom piece too :)

There is this little "sandwich" shop in Tupelo called Sweet Tea and Biscuits that serves these sandwiches. I have no idea what their recipe is, but the sandwiches there are sooo good that I had to come up with something similiar to make at home. So far, this works very well.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Random farm happenings

It has been so busy here at the farm, as it always is this time of year....

 That is green beans in the bags. I am not canning anything that I don't have to this year!!! Snapping, washing, blanching and bagging was much easier and faster. I did numerous bags of corn too, I guess I didn't get pics of it. Actually, this is just the beginning of the canning/freezing.

 These are the sweet pickles that hubby thinks that he can't live without.

Can you see that I raided Memaw's hydrangea bush?? She said that I could. I need some prettiness in the kitchen as much time as I spend in here.

 My sweet Sophie and I did a 5K in Oxford on the morning of July 4th for the Oxford/Lafayette animal shelter. Those people are the best!! From here on, we will be participating in all that we can to help them out. This was Sophie before the race.......

 This was Sophie after the race. You would think she actually had to walk, but all that she did was ride. I knew something wasn't right because normally she would have been talking to everyone that looked at her, but she didn't. Come to find out, she was sick, and stayed sick for the next two days....poor thing, and I had her out socializing her.

 Now....look at this doll baby. This is Tootsie. She is a six month old mini golden doodle. Oh so sweet!! She was the life of the place. She knows that she is a doll, and she didn't meet a stranger anywhere. She was also very well behaved. She knew her commands, and did as her mom told her, with the sweetest smile on her face each and every time. Yes......I tried to bring her home with me, but her mom just wasn't cooperative!

 She didn't even know this lady in this picture, but she gave her sugars and was so happy to do so.
Just a doll!!!

Yes, I just had to throw this pic in here, as I am huge Rebel fan. Isn't it pretty?? To me, the whole town of Oxford is so pretty. It is full of character, and charming houses with beautiful yards/landscaping. The town is not too big, and not too small. I drooled the whole run/walk at the houses that we went past, but didn't get any pics of them.

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July!! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Sweet Annie, and the accident

I told you in my last post that I would tell you about the mama and babies that we recently rescued, but it is sort of a sad story, and I don't feel like re-living it.  Annie needs a little extra attention right now soooo, this post is about her. Warning....picture overload!
If you remember, Annie was a rescue. My nephew says that he found her on the side of the road, and then just happened to stop by our house with her, but I have never really felt that he was telling the truth. Nonetheless, we kept her and fell completely in love with her.

She would follow me to the cabin when I would work on furniture, and make every step that I made until she just couldn't go anymore, then she would get in this old drawer and take a little power nap. Look how cute!

Annie just loves her humans, and would follow hubby to his shop, garden, or anywhere else that he went.

This is Annie all grown up now, and of coarse ya'll know Sophie Parsons. Annie even loves Soph, and Sophie is not always nice to poor Annie. Annie is always so tolerant and forgiving of Sophie, but this is just part of Annie's personality. Annie has unconditional love for everyone that she meets.

This is Annie and her marshmallow. She loves a roasted marshmallow. I will build a fire sometimes and roast her marshmallows, and she inhales them, but she likes them not roasted also. She had this one buried in the dirt, as you can see. The only time Annie has ever stood up to Sophie was when Sophie tried to take her marshmallow.

This is Annie and the pups that were rescued. When I first brought the pups home, I wouldn't let Annie in the backyard with them and the new mom. Annie was beside herself, shaking, howling, and cutting up side ways to get to the pups.....but I had no idea what she would do if she got to them.  I should have known,  because Annie is one of  the sweetest dogs that I have ever owned.  Anyhoo, I think this was the second day that she was with the pups, and she acts more like their mom than the mama dog does.

Annie hasn't spent a night away from the babies since she was allowed to interact with them, until Monday night, and the accident. They love her, and she loves them. She loves the mama dog as well, and they are like a long lost family. It is almost like this mama dog and her pups have made Annie's life complete. It is so sweet how Annie has welcomed them into her world.

Monday night, Annie and the mama dog (Dolly) were running and playing, and Annie knows only one speed, which is HYPER. She ran into this blade with these sharp points, and when she did, they went under her skin and tore her right side pretty much off. I have pictures, but won't share due to it is not pretty. We ended up at our Vet's office that night, and she had to keep Annie due to the extent of her injury.

This is Annie and the pups when she arrived home the next day. These babies were sooo happy to see their Annie, and so was I!

She has to wear the cone because of the sutures and the drainage tubes, but it really hasn't slowed her down. She was in the pool the day she came home, but we had to help her out because she was still too sedated and tired to swim.  She is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for now, but you can't keep a good dog down. We are so glad that our Annie is ok, and I can't imagine our farm without her!!