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My mama's most recent project.....

Yes, she wants you to guess....but no, there is no prize if you guess correctly. Well, I could give you a sugar if you guess right. This has been so much fun for me......and my daddy.
Ok, this is not one of the hints. I am just showing you what my pretty little face looks like in case your the winner of the sugar.

The new project is in my fenced in area of the back yard. Have you guessed yet???

My daddy wasn't really on board at first, but when he saw that my mama wasn't going to give up on this project he knew he better give in and get to work. I have been right by his side the whole time, you know, chasing frogs that are in the big hole, scratching red dirt and getting my face dirty, and giving my daddy sugars for getting in this hole to play with me. Yes, I am sure he is in this hole for my benefit!!

My mama has lots of pictures, but when she started choosing the ones to show, she realized that daddy's underwear were showing in ALL of the pics because he is always bent over. She didn't figure ya'll wanted to see all of that, and....she didn't want daddy to use this hole to bury her in :(

Have you guessed yet?? I am getting ready to pucker up.....

Ok, Ok, she will give you a hint so that you can get a sugar and be on your way already....take a look at what is going on back here.

Here is the source for this eye candy, along with some other great ideas if you want to take a look. My mama's won't look exactly like this, but you get the idea, don't you??
She was really wanting this done in time to decorate it for fall, because ya'll know that is her most favorite time of the year, but we don't think it will be ready by fall. Along with this, the whole deck area will be "spruced" up, with a sitting area surrounding the new fireplace, and a huge new harvest table on the covered porch area that my daddy was suppose to have already built for her. Keep your fingers crossed that neither of my parent's end up buried in that huge hole before the slab is poured. So far, so good, but sometimes, well hardly ever, are they "on the same page" as my mama says on these projects that she comes up with.

We will have a huge get together and roast marshmellows  and have hot chocolate when we get this fireplace done, and yes, ya'll are all invited!
Ya'll know my sister, Annie, will be there. Yea, she is the silly one that loves marshmellows, and my mama always browns them for her when we have a fire outside.


Happy, happy birthday

Five years ago today, I found this sweet baby in the road and brought her home with me, with intentions of finding her a good home.
Remember this face? Hubby kept saying this was a face that only a mother could love.....well I assure you, I grew to love her with all of my heart!

I called everyone that I could think of that may want a "dog". I begged, I pleaded....with everyone, and no one wanted her. Finally hubby said, "you need to stop trying to push that dog off on everyone that you talk to". So I said "well what am I suppose to do with her??" His answer was, "we will just keep her". Of coarse by this time, he was rocking her to sleep at night and hand feeding her.
Five years later, I simply cannot imagine life without her!

Happy Birthday Sophie, we love you!