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2013 Fall Mantle at 1800 Farmhouse Rd

Mrs. P almost forgot to show ya'll her fall mantle this year. Here, take a look......

 I used burlap and hounds tooth ribbon this year, along with leftover's from previous years. I didn't buy anything new.

 I am thinking that I will go back to my usual woodsy/twiggy theme next year. This has not been my favorite fall mantle, but I didn't dislike it enough to take it all down and re-do it.

 Don't you just love fall colors?? I think I would like it better if it had a bit more orange mixed in.

  Dried hydrangea's in an old basket, and a handmade bowl from one of hubby's patients has made their way to the primitive coffee table in the great room for the fall season.

 Oh, and meet Annie. This is the latest addition to the farm. She is such a cutie. My nephew found her on the side of the road, and just happened to drop by my house with her. Sophie hates her, but I hope that will change.
This is after a bath, and a full belly. How could anyone be so cruel?? Oh well, she has her "forever" home now, and will never be hungry or scared again as long as she is here with us :)