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Nine day Sweet Pickle Recipe

I know, I know, everyone is going to be out of cucumber's before I get around to posting this easy sweet pickle recipe. Sorry......

Of coarse, the first step is to wash and slice the cucumbers, then put in a gallon jar, either glass or plastic will work.
(1) The first three days, fill jar with cucumber's, and put a heaping tablespoon or two of pickling/canning salt and fill with water. Leave for three days. Can you see my painter's tape?? I had to write the date on them so that I would remember when to rinse and start the next phase. Now, when these three days are up, pour in a colander to drain, rinse well.

(2) The next stage is the alum, with all of the cucumber's back in the jar, fill with water, and sprinkle alum in there. Leave for three days, and then again, dump in colander to drain and rinse well at the end of these three days.

(3) The third and last three days, of coarse put cucumber's back in jars after rinsing the alum off, fill with vinegar, leave for three days, and again after these three days, dump in colander and rinse well.

Now....before putting back into jars, cover with ice and leave for a couple of hours...
This is optional, but it helps make them crunchy, which that is what the alum is suppose to be for, but the ice thing makes a huge difference. Now, it is time to put them back into the jar once more, only this time, add your sugar and spice.

I usually put a layer of cucumbers, layer of sugar, and on and on until the jar is filled.

I wrap my pickling spice in cheese cloth and tie up so that it is not loose because it is bitter if you get a bite of some of these little spice things. Well, actually, I used sterile gauze bandages that hubby had brought home  because I had no cheese cloth. It has worked perfectly :)
 This is what it will look like before the sugar dissolves. Now, throw in a few of those little spice bags. I went ahead and made up a zip lock bag full to have on hand because I knew I would be needing them. I usually put about four of five in the big jar, just all depends on how much spice you want.

Can you see this thick syrupy pickle juice?? The longer they set, the better they are. Now, I haven't done it yet, but I will put mine in individual jars to store them. You don't have to seal them. I have used this recipe for years, and hubby loves them. He has almost finished off one of the gallon jars, so I have started another one already, which will make my sixth one.

This is what my counter tops have looked like for some time now. No, I'm not complaining. It is sooo good!

Just look at this fresh corn and these tomatoes. There is just nothing better!

This is just a small portion of beans that have been canned and ready to go in the canning cabinet.

I love having a hubby that wants to be a farmer :) Just look at him and his chicks.

I hope you have some cucumber's left to do some pickles with. Sorry it took me so long....it is just busy on the farm right now. 


  1. Teresa,
    you amaze me! I really don't know how you do all the things you do! I loooove pickles but alas, mine come from the super and I'm sure they are not as wonderful as yours! Can you just clone me into you or you into me? Hubby seems to be having the time of his life with his girls!
    P.S. did you get my e-mail? Thought I sent it but then found it in my drafts but not under my sent.

  2. You are making me wish we had tried growing some cucs. They actually might be better suited for a winter crop for us. So have you gotten that new fifth wheel yet and gone on any camping trips? Hope you are having a nice summer.

  3. I hope I have some cukes left when I get back home. They look yummy. Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs.

  4. That's a lot of chickens! My mom makes sweet pickles like this but she uses Splenda. They're surprisingly good!

  5. Can you just store them in the fridge? I am not a canner so I am looking for a fridge recipe.

  6. That's awesome that you make your own yummy pickles! Wish I did more things like that!

  7. Well, like the others, I'm not a canner or a pickle maker. :o) But, I sure do enjoy hearing about it from you. Everything looks so yummy and perfect. Happy weekend!

  8. I don't think I ever realized how long it took to make pickles.

  9. Yummy! Your veggies look wonderful! I also love those chickens! Wow, you've been busy canning! It all looks fantastic! Nothing better than farm fresh veggies!