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Summer time happenings at the "farm"

For those of you who know me, well, ya'll already know that I go MIA occasionally, and I am not a  "steady" blogger. Anyway, summer time has definately arrived at the farm. We got our very first cucumber of the season just this week, and it seems like over night they multiplied by the dozens. So what do you do with dozens of cucumbers???
Well, you make pickles, of coarse. I will post the easiest sweet pickle recipe ever in a few days. I want to show you something more fun today, because summer time at the farm is not always all work.

Camping has become a big part of our lives. Just look at these two relaxing in their chairs. Yes, this is HER chair, and she knows that it belongs to her. If you ask her if she wants to get in her chair, she goes to the red one that her daddy brought home for her.

 We have enjoyed camping so much over the last two years that we want to upgrade again, to a fifth wheel this time. This is the one that I want, and this is the little salesman that has no idea he is on my blog.

 Ya'll all know how much I love to cook, therefore,  I want need a great kitchen.  It is so pretty with the upgraded cabinets and counter top. This really has a lot of counter top space for a camper kitchen.

The leather furniture would work wonderfully for Sophie, especially when she comes in with those little nasty feet after chasing the squirrels.

 It takes so little to impress me. I love that it has a storage cabinet for the garbage can. The salesman thought it was hilarious that I was so impressed with this.

 Hubby loved that there was a remote for everything in the camper....slides, jacks, and of coarse the tv and radio.

 It didn't hurt that it had two recliners. I suggested taking one out because it would be a little roomier with just one, but hubby says no, Sophie will want one all to herself, right  beside him. He thinks he is her "favorite" parent. Okay, so he is!

They have agreed to put a fireplace under the tv, if we decide to purchase this one. Well, my mind is made up already, so we will see how things play out.

Soooo, even tho this one is only a year old and we have made many great memories in it, it will be going up for sale in a week or so.

This was our first little camper, and we loved it, but quickly realized that it just wasn't big enough. Wish us luck in another upgrade. The next one will be our "forever" home away from home if it works out.

Do you camp?? If so, do you prefer all of the "amenities" of home, or do you enjoy primitive style camping?

Stay tuned for that pickle recipe if you have extra cucumbers.  


  1. Alas I have given the camping thing a few (3) tries and NOT a fan. However, it was in a tent! I couldn't sleep... nothing between me and the great outdoors save a thin piece of nylon... don't think so!
    We did try a cabin... now that was better. :-) All the conveniences at m fingertips so to speak!
    The camper looks so homey!!! Leather furniture and a trash cabinet... like home! I'd try that .
    Good luck on your upgrade Sophie.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. OOOpssss... Teresa, I called you Sophie as I was thinking of her in the leather recliner.. hahahaha.. Sorry :-/
    Psssttt... I am an infrequent blogger as well. It's all good. Life and family comes first :-)

  3. Now please tell me why I was so excited to see that we have the same granite countertops? Just makes me feel closer to my friend, I guess -- I'm so strange! I knew you were probably knee-deep in canning and freezing, but so glad that you are getting in some relaxing, too. That is some gorgeous 5th wheel! We did lots of camping when our children were young, but none since we moved to AZ. We went from a borrowed Army tent (so smelly), to a VW bus with a pop-up, to a tent trailer, & lastly was a hotel-size tent. We had a great time then, but just aren't interested in doing it any more. Our son is picking up the family tradition and has already done quite a lot of tent camping with his four kiddos. Good luck selling last year's model!


  4. I would love to go glamping, preferably with a real indoor toilet. That is my only issue with camping, I can't just go in the woods, or in a teeny toilet, and then emptying the tank! But this new one looks beautiful and with a great kitchen. And the addition of a fireplace sounds wonderful. xo

  5. I love pickles, but have to limit my intake due to the sodium. :/ Nice camper!! Your furbaby is not a bit spoiled is she? :)
    I am not a camper. My idea of camping is a nice motel room with all the amenities, and easy access to lots of great food, fun shopping/junkin close by.
    Hope you have enjoyed the weekend.

  6. Oh how fun!!! I want a camper:). Love it that the pup gets to have her own chair!!! Sweet pickles. Oh my favorite. Have a blessed evening dear friend. Hugs.

  7. MY that is a gorgeous kitchen! My cousin and bil both have 5 wheels and they amaze me. My cousins has the living room in the back with so many windows and a recliner like yours. Park it in the woods and what a view! We had a truck camper growing up and I loved it, we went out west for 5 weeks one summer, It was the trip of a life time. Enjoy!

  8. Teresa, you are hilarious! I have no garden (why do I live in the country?), so I have no need for a pickle recipe. BUT...I like to eat pickles, and fresh tomatoes, and all things veg...so maybe next year, HH will get serious about a garden. Our first year here, I did the whole garden thing and did all the work by myself! Then, the family got sick of squash and zucchini. So, now I shop at the grocery store - Ha! Anyway, your pickles look delish, and your new camper looks amazing! Enjoy it to the full, and I look forward to more fun stories, recipes, and everything you have to offer. :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  9. Your new camper will be soo lovely! I would certainly go camping in it!;) A fireplace would be perfect right there under the tv. I love that Sophie has her own chair. She is just darling.

  10. Then new camper looks really nice! I'm not a camper. Maybe if we had a nice trailer but I'm not even sure about it then. HA! Are y'all watching Miss. St. in the College World Series? We're actually pulling for them. HAHA!

  11. Wow, you've been busy! I can't wait for the yummy pickle recipe! I love your camper! I also adore that Sophie has her own chair! Mike and I love to camp too! Your meet the nicest people! Our friends call our camper the "Rollin' Ritz", but now, I'm passing the torch to you! I know you'll love this one!It's gorgeous! Happy Trails!

  12. That is a very spacious kitchen. And a fireplace would be a perfect addition to the camper.

  13. Glamping would be okay for me for a nite or two if I had all your amenities! Sounds as if you'll riding in comfort here, Teresa. don't forget to stock the cabinets with some pickles- nothing like freshly put-up cukes! The husband loves his peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. I know it sounds weird but they're not half bad! LOL

  14. Awesome new trailer. Looking forward to the pickle recipe.

  15. Well, camping is not for me, but it certainly is for a lot of folks. All of the new campers and motor homes are so, so nice and I do like the idea of having all my stuff with me without having to pack a suitcase. I know so many folks that enjoy camping so much and I'll look forward to hearing if you got this new one.

    Happy 4th of July week!

  16. T,
    you are such a busy girl! Of course Sophie has her own chair, why where else would she sit?! Never makin pickles but sure love to eat em! You definitely need that fabulous camper, it's amazing! If you camp, it's done just as easily in amazing style as not! Growing up in the 60's (whoops, did I just admit that), we had one of the new style camper's that was built onto the truck base. (My sister and I thought we had it made, a real bed, that is until one time when we made a gas station stop and she and I got out to go to the restroom and when we came out, the truck was gone, our parent's left thinking we were still in the back)! We went camping with out boat almost every weekend in the summer. Was a blast.

  17. Hi Teresa. Thank you for your sweet comments. I am doing ok, just waiting for the next step. As for the little pup, we are definitely keeping our little Dante. He is a blessing. Sorry I cannot send him in the mail. I am being selfish....LOL
    What a gorgeous trailer. I am jealous! I know you will loads of fun. I want that pickle recipe. We have tons of cucumbers too. xo Linda

  18. Hi Teresa. Thank you for your sweet comments. I am doing ok, just waiting for the next step. As for the little pup, we are definitely keeping our little Dante. He is a blessing. Sorry I cannot send him in the mail. I am being selfish....LOL
    What a gorgeous trailer. I am jealous! I know you will loads of fun. I want that pickle recipe. We have tons of cucumbers too. xo Linda