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Strawberry Jam/Syrup

It is finally summer time here at the farm, and I am LOVING it! We have had fresh strawberries for several weeks now, so I finally got around to making some "jam". Well, hubby wants it really runny so that he can pour it on his pancakes, so I call it "syrup".

This is hubbies plate from last night....pancakes with the strawberry "syrup" and cool whip on top. This strawberry "syrup" is right from the pan.

 It is so wonderful to be able to go out and pick fresh fruit when ever you choose.

 I had to drag out all of my canning pans........

 and jelly jars

I used twine and brown paper to label them with instead of writing the name and date on the top. It just seemed a little more "farmhouse" like. 

 Guess what will be on the menu next week?? New potatoes in white gravy sauce, with cornbread. Oh YUM! I can't wait for fresh potatoes!

Of coarse, we will have to have some fresh onions with it. It will be scrumptious if you wanna stop by for a bite :)
Speaking of canning and such, have any of you ever tried this?? I did last year, and I have already bought up packets for this year. I used this for canned pasta sauce, and it is the best "stuff" I have ever eaten! It must be a popular item, because I couldn't find it at the end of last summer. I made it and used it with the cheese stuffed ravioli. Try it if you have extra fresh tomatoes, you won't regret it. Oh, I am not getting paid for advertising this, it is just something that I LOVED.

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Yum! That looks so good. I will be enjoying some of my daughter's homemade jam soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. You always say my post make you hungry, well this one has me dying!!! YUM!!

  3. Homemade jam is the best! Makes my mouth water just looking at your photos! :)

  4. Thanks for the tip on the Sauce packet:) I have never seen it in my store but I will be looking! You are making me hungry for a biscuit and some of your strawberry jam... YUM! LOOKS like you are getting some goodies from your garden:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend! HUGS!

  5. That syrup looks amazing. It looks like your garden is coming along nicely.

  6. Yummo! I wish my garden was growing like that!! My new dog likes to dig up everything including all my herbs I'd planted :( Will have to wait until she is out of the digging stage ... whenever that may be!

  7. Hi Teresa, your strawberry jam, syrup looks amazing! There's something fantastic about home grown food. I wished I lived closer, I would be taking you up on your offer to stop by. Delicious food. Thank you again dear Teresa, for your loving prayers. xo Linda

  8. Yummy! What a great garden! We had one when I was growing up, but not since then. I had the best time watching things grow! Your strawberry jam/syrup looks fabulous! Fresh food- delish!

  9. YUMMY!!! We are hoping to make it out to the strawberry patch this weekend. I missed out on jam making last year and hoping to get lots made before the season ends. Where did you get the pasta sauce packet? I think I'll scoop up some to try. We just got our garden started...We are way behind this year due to the weather and our schedules.

  10. Oh my, your strawberries look delicious! I'll bet that syrup is scrumptious! I wish we could grow strawberries here successfully, but it's very labor-intensive. We used to get some when we lived in Yuma. There was one small field close to us that produced wonderful berries, but you had to be in line at their little hut first thing in the morning to be able to score a flat. This usually happened in late March or early April. I've never seen that Tomato Mix Pasta Sauce -- I'm going to be looking for that!

    Just an FYI: I have no idea why my blog posts are not updating on my followers' blogs, but it is something I'm doing or not doing that is the issue. I've had no luck getting help from Blogger. Just keep in mind, I post about once a week, if you want to check!


  11. Your strawberry jam looks yummy! And I like the syrup/jam aspect! Strawberry syrup on pancakes -- yum!

  12. Just dropping by to let you know I'm thinking of you! :-) Everything looks really delicious, and I hope you're doing well!!