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Easiest ever strawberry cake

I can remember my mother making this when I was a child, and I wouldn't touch it! Oh, if I had a piece now. I posted this on my old blog once upon a time, and it was actually published in another blogger's family recipe book. It is a great summer time desert, and as easy to make as it is good!

See, I could stop at this step right here. Oh, this cake mix smothered with sweetened condensed milk is fabulous! But, the recipe goes on......

Not much to the ingredients, but I think cooking with fresh eggs makes everything better.

Once the cake is done and still hot, take a fork and poke holes in it until it is pretty much torn to pieces.

Next, and this is my favorite.....take two cans of sweetened condensed milk and pour all over the cake. See those chunks of tore up cake in there?? Well, take a huge bite of that, you may really stop here...oh yum!

 Once the milk has soaked in, and the cake has cooled, take two container's of frozen strawberries with the juice and pour on cake (the more the better according to hubby)

Top with cool whip, chill and serve. Actually, it is much better if you make it the day before, and it is just down right cold. Of coarse, this has to be refrigerated, if it last that long. Give it a try, you will love it!

One yellow cake mix, cook according to directions
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 containers frozen strawberries in juice
1 container of cool whip

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  1. Now you tell me. After I consumed a HUGE slice of chocolate cake w/ my coffee....
    I will have to do this... strawberries... my one weakness ( next to pineapples, chocolate and peaches) Hahahahaaaa.
    This sounds delish. Thanks for sharing.
    Trusting your Mother's day was wonderful :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Oh girl! That look SOOOO delicious:) I am gonna make that THE VERY next time I need a dessert to take somewhere! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day! BIG HUGS! Gotta run get me something sweet and THAT is your fault... hehe:)

  3. Yummers !!! And super easy, too. My kinda dessert, Teresa..... :-)

  4. What a yummy cake! Sweetened condensed milk, strawberries and Cool Whip - wow! xo

  5. I think I just gained 10 pounds just reading this post. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Now I need to go find something to snack on.
    Have a great week.

  6. Anything with sweetened condensed milk is good, but this cake looks especially good. My family enjoys strawberries this time of year, and this looks like a cake they would really like. Thanks for sharing your recipe Teresa. Have a great day!

  7. Wow, my girth just expanded reading this......sounds so delicious!

  8. Oh, my! This looks devine! And so easy, I think I can do it. :-)
    His blessings!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  9. YUMMMMM! This sounds so good. I love cold cakes!

  10. Yummy!!!! What's not to love about this? Strawberries and cake are so refreshing! Thanks for sharing another great recipe!

  11. Oh, me, this is just dowright sinful! And, oh, so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hey Teresa! I know you are busy and don't post daily, so you may not have seen that you won the giveaway on my blog. I sent you an e-mai Monday night and just sent another one a few minutes ago. A lot of people tell me any news about a giveaway is sent to their spam box, so you may not be seeing them. Just wanted you to know I am trying to contact you, so if you haven't gotten the messages, please e-mail me whenever you get a free moment. Thanks!

  13. This looks so good and very easy to make! Strawberries are my favorite so I guess this is health food!

    Have a greats weekend.
    Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com