Feel free to pin photo's from this blog...I'm not one of those blogger's that will flip out and go on a rant about you "stealing" my photo's because you liked it enough to share it, lol. I am not a "professional decorator, cook, gardener" or "professional" anything else....I BLOG FOR FUN. Nope....not one of the perfect blogger's here. My house is not perfect, and you will never be led to believe it is. I simply cannot offer you "how-to's", nor will I leave comment's on your blog offering decorating advice...sorry. If you are one of the "professional blogger's" as I refer to so many of them these days, I simply am not interested in your invite to your linky parties...with YOUR strict instructions to follow YOUR rules, lol, in order to increase YOUR traffic. If your not here for enjoyment, then this simply isn't the blog for you.


Random, unpopular "stuff"

When I started back to blogging recently, it was for my benefit. I wanted a "journal" if you will, to post about our lives (not personal things), but Sophie, the garden, the weather, or just whatever I choose to blog about. So this will be one of those "random" post that are not popular with most, but that is ok, I can come back a year from now and enjoy if I choose, so here goes.....for me.....and my memories later on.
Can you believe we are still using our fireplace in May?? Yes, I had the fire on Monday, May 6th, 2013 because it was so cold and wet! This is so unusual for Mississippi weather.

My ferns were brought into the garage over the week end because we had a frost and temps were in the 30's......in May!

I had a "volunteer" geranium coming up in this little pot that I have been nursing, only to find Sophie Parsons sitting on top of it guarding whatever she buried, probably that big chunk of pizza that I saw her running thru the house with earlier.

Yes, she was guarding it from Sonny. Poor Sonny, he is so old,  he may not be with us this time next year. He puts up with so much off of Sophie because she rules! Sonny is the best also.

This was a chair that I made a U-turn in the road to go back for one day and threw it in the back of the 4-runner. Sophie is so nosy, she had the best time riding home in this chair,  and she even went to sleep in it. I think that is why her hair is so "tosseled" here.

This is Sparky. She probably weighs 100 lbs. People think she looks like a big black bear, but in her mind, she is Sophie's size. Sparky thinks she is a lap dog. She is another one of my rescues. She is at the door barking and demanding some "people" food in this pic.

Enough "randomness" for today. This time next year, I can look back at these things that were going on around here if I choose:)


  1. These are the types of post I like best! I like to see how everyone lives. I guess I'm just nosy!! Sparky does look like a bear! That pic of Sophie in the pot is hilarious. I'm so excited because not only did I manage to keep a fern alive through the summer last year but it's still hanging on & really looking pretty!

  2. You remind me of me except I have cats! I love dogs too, but haven't gotten another one since Maggie passed away, at 16. She was a Peekapoo. I love your fur babies! It's been cold in Georgia and we've also used our fireplace on the porch. It's very unusual for us to have cold weather this time of year too. Love your "random stuff"!

  3. Luv the randomness. I started blogging when I was ill and on bed rest. It was a medium to keep me sane... a journal .
    I still blog when I am in the mood and about whatever is on my mind at the time... I blog for me!
    Weird weather indeed. I am enjoying regular springlike Florida weather at this time... A soft breeze , open windows and billowing curtains :-)
    Hope you get springtime soon.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. I love l-o-v-e the picture of Sophie in the flower pot because I have a photo like this of one of my dogs who is no longer with us. I don't remember all the details, but mom and I had put soil in a large, flat basket and went around the house to get the flowers. When we came back, there our silly dog was with dirt all over himself as he had settled in for a nice, long rest. I suppose the soil was cooler than the concrete sidewalk.

    I'm so glad he stayed long enough for us to snap a picture because that photo totally summed up his crazy personality. He past away about 10 years ago, but all we have to do is look at that one picture and remember how spunky he was.

    Great post Teresa!

  5. Enjoyed your random post, and thanks for sharing your furbabies with us. As you know I also do them and often - just dabs of this and that on everyday life.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. I love your randomness, Teresa! So many take blogging way too seriously, but what's the fun in that? I love doing posts about projects & DIYs, but I'm not about to make up some project just so I can blog about it. Can't believe some bloggers actually do that, but they do! And yes, Sparky does look like a black bear!

    Can't believe the kind of weather you are having. If I could bottle up some of ours, I would gladly send it your way! Want some zucchini and yellow squash? LOL!


  7. Aahhhh.... So sweet to see your fur babies, Teresa. They make our lives richer, don't they? Antics and all! LOL

  8. I love random posts:) I use my blog as my journal and I am thankful to be able to look back at whatever went on on a particular day! Have a blessed and hopefully warm rest of the week! HUGS!

  9. Oh, I love random posts. They can be the best! I'm just glad to hear more from you. Love the doggies!

  10. Add me to the list of those who love random posts--I enjoy the little things about daily life both in my own and others like yours which is why I blog too!

  11. I love these posts. This weather is crazy. I hope it finally warms up soon. But not to fast.

  12. Teresa,
    I thought blogging was supposed to be about whatever we wanted and fun! I've always loved whatever you post about, so keep on it! Sophie's "hair" in the chair reminds me of that commercial with all the baby's just waking up with their hair all askew, (it's one of my favorites)! She's adorable in a pot or out! Not leaving out the other 2, they look loveable too!

  13. Teresa, so good to see you back in Blogland! Missed you, and your beautifully decorated house! Sophie is so cute, her personality just shines through the pictures! :)

  14. I love random posts! Makes you real! Oh my goodness, Sparky looks just like my dog growing up! I miss her so much! I think blogging on one subject stresses me out.

    Hey, if you want a rooster wreath I can make you one. I'll only charge you what it cost me to make plus shipping. The stinking shipping is $18! Ugh! I hate that they cost so much to ship. Just let me know! I would be happy to make one for you!

  15. Randomness is good.

    We have a 14 year old who also thinks she is a lap dog. She can't jump up on the lap anymore and we all miss it.