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Random, unpopular "stuff"

When I started back to blogging recently, it was for my benefit. I wanted a "journal" if you will, to post about our lives (not personal things), but Sophie, the garden, the weather, or just whatever I choose to blog about. So this will be one of those "random" post that are not popular with most, but that is ok, I can come back a year from now and enjoy if I choose, so here goes.....for me.....and my memories later on.
Can you believe we are still using our fireplace in May?? Yes, I had the fire on Monday, May 6th, 2013 because it was so cold and wet! This is so unusual for Mississippi weather.

My ferns were brought into the garage over the week end because we had a frost and temps were in the 30's......in May!

I had a "volunteer" geranium coming up in this little pot that I have been nursing, only to find Sophie Parsons sitting on top of it guarding whatever she buried, probably that big chunk of pizza that I saw her running thru the house with earlier.

Yes, she was guarding it from Sonny. Poor Sonny, he is so old,  he may not be with us this time next year. He puts up with so much off of Sophie because she rules! Sonny is the best also.

This was a chair that I made a U-turn in the road to go back for one day and threw it in the back of the 4-runner. Sophie is so nosy, she had the best time riding home in this chair,  and she even went to sleep in it. I think that is why her hair is so "tosseled" here.

This is Sparky. She probably weighs 100 lbs. People think she looks like a big black bear, but in her mind, she is Sophie's size. Sparky thinks she is a lap dog. She is another one of my rescues. She is at the door barking and demanding some "people" food in this pic.

Enough "randomness" for today. This time next year, I can look back at these things that were going on around here if I choose:)