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Fall 2015

Well, I finally get my act together, and the fall weather disappears....we are back in the high 80's, with the usual Ms humidity. I'm wondering if the pumpkins are gonna melt.

 This display greets you as you pull up to the garage.

 We went to the pumpkin farm for the goodies that you see in this display.  You can catch a glimpse of the randomly planted mums here. Hopefully I can show some prettier pics of them a little later.

 A glimpse of the great room mantle, which has already been shown in a previous post.

Farmer and Mrs P made a comeback this year. They are mostly just out posing for pictures. You know how Farmer P likes to show off his farm equipment. This piece actually belonged to his dad, so he is especially proud of it.

Pumpkins are randomly placed thru out the yard.

I had to show this picture of Tobie, our shelter dog that was "suppose" to be a German Shephard, and a guard dog, lol. He has been TERRIFIED of the pumpkins, especially the large one at the cabin. He spent a whole afternoon on the porch barking, with every hair on his back raised, and wouldn't go out into the yard because he had to walk past the big pumpkin, soooo, this is such a large accomplishment for him. Yay Tobie! The small pumpkin didn't get him, so he has finally decided that the large one won't get him either. Such a clown!

My "last-year's" wreath that I pulled from the attic. It actually looks like a totally different wreath on the new door.

Happy Fall!


  1. Teresa, everything looks beautiful! I love the wreath on the new door. Poor Tobie, monster pumpkins in his space ~ how dare they! :) It's much warmer here today too ~ ugh. I can't wait until we have consistent cool temps.

    Hope the rest of the week is great!

  2. Teresa, I love your Fall decorations! You are the queen of fluffy and full! I try to channel you when I decorate my mantel, but it never looks as good as yours! I love all the pumpkins; you found some great ones! It's so good to see Farmer and Mrs. P posing for photos again! How cool that Farmer P has his Dad's piece of equipment! Your new front door is gorgeous and the wreath looks amazing on the wood! Bless Tobie's heart- I'm so happy he figured out the pumpkins weren't going to hurt him. Their personalities are so cute! Hugs to Sophie, Annie and Tobie!

  3. So pretty! I'm planning to put pumpkins in our yard too but haven't bought them yet. I just love to see them out there and pretend they grew there. :)

  4. So warm and inviting looking. I had our porch done this week and I'm so proud of it. I'll have pics on Monday's blog. I do love fall!

  5. Happy Fall to you dear friend! LOVING all of your pretties! The wreath looks absolutely gorgeous on your new door:) Have a blessed day and hopefully a cooler one:) HUGS!

  6. Love your Fall decorations - very pretty!
    I still have not decorated for Fall. If wait much longer it will be time to decorate for Christmas. :/
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I adore all of your fun pumpkins, and the wreath is beautiful on your gorgeous front door! I'm so happy that Farmer and Mrs. P are posing for photos....they are a most handsome couple! Oh my gosh, you cracked me up with story of poor Tobie and the giant pumpkin....poor baby. I'm glad he isn't afraid anymore.

  8. I love it. Everything looks beautiful! Wonderful decorations. Very warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing!