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It is finally beginning to look and feel like fall here....

We got our first rain here in months, and thankfully it changed the looks of things a lot, but after two days of it, we could still use more. I am thankful for what we got, tho.

 I love the look of leaves scattered on the ground in the fall. I'm not one that you will see out there raking every time a leaf fall's, lol.

 Tobie and Charlie enjoying the breeze....

If only I could have mums blooming year around!

There are no leaves left on some of the trees...


  1. We had some rain yesterday and today, and think more in predicted for the next couple of days. My courtyard is covered in leaves and won't be cleaning up til it dries out. It will be a mess now til Spring as leaves and tree debris falls all thru the Winter.
    Bet the furbabies are enjoying the cooler temps.

  2. It is windy here this morning and I am sure the leaves are flying! I truly love this time of year with the pretty colors of the leaves! I saw a cute project with leaves and wax paper, I need to find it and make a FALL banner! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  3. Sigh. We're not having much fall here. It's not ridiculously hot but we're still having days in the 90's. I love the colors of the leaves changing. I think mums are so pretty but for some reason I can't keep them alive.

  4. Teresa, your home is lovely! I love Fall too. The crisp air and falling leaves are some of my favorite things! Your new shutters and front door are perfect for your home! Love your fur babies! Hugs to Sophie!

  5. I'm shocked that most of your leaves are gone, gone! I love your home and the space you have around it. We had monsoon rains here again and flooding in many areas. Seems that's the only way we get rain now. :) I'm so grateful for the cooler temps ~ such a relief from those 90's. I honestly love October so much and it's almost gone and we had way too much heat. Oh well...I don't think any of us have the power to change the wx do we? Lol!


  6. I love seeing some leaves on the ground too. My father won't rake he mows over them on their 5 acres.

  7. I think your home is so pretty, Teresa! Glad you got some rain and now some Fall weather. Tobie and Charlie look so happy running around in the yard. I love the look of leaves on the ground and being swirled around by the wind....that's what Fall is all about!

  8. Teresa,
    fall is the best! I'm with ya, no raking for me! Now, if someone else wants to do it......! We just had a week of rain, the sun's finally out today but supposed to rain on the trick or treaters tomorrow evening! Next week is supposed to be beautiful, looking forward to that!

  9. I dont blame you! I love the sight of the colorful leaves on the ground, even their crunch under my feet!! Everything's looking like Fall at your place :) Love it!