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When your DH doesn't want you driving his tractor......

Yes, he says, I will do it when I get home, just wait......lol.  I don't think so! I have looked at these dead bushes for as long as I can. We go round and round about this yard and the upkeep ALL OF THE TIME!!
 Every girl needs a jeep with a hitch!

 Seriously, who needs a tractor???

Anyhoo, my most faithful helpers can't ride the tractor. Don't they look serious?? Poor things, they never know what we will be doing next, but whatever it is, they are right by my side. 

My jeep makes his tractor look like a girl toy!! Lol

I have things to do, and waiting on him to get his tractor out to play on doesn't fit in my schedule!

My back is killing me, but the dead "bushes" are pulled up, the new mums are planted, pinestraw has been distributed appropriately, and the jeep is back in the garage. It is beginning to look, and feel like fall here.

Achy but happy!!


  1. Too bad we don't live next door to each other... I would be sitting in the passenger seat helping you pull up the bushes:) Enjoy your newly planted FALL mums! They are beautiful! HUGS!

  2. Wow, a woman on a mission! Those mums are beautiful, Teresa! I hope you had a long, hot tub soak after all that.

  3. You rock! Annie and Sophie look a little worried though. I think this was a great idea! This is how we pulled the shrubbery up at the duplex. Boys are kind of handy to have around the house, but getting them motivated can be an issue sometimes! You're so clever to use your Jeep! I know it looks pretty now. Take care of your back!

  4. You did good!. Those are some nice looking mums.
    I resorted to doing a lot of things myself, as I did not want to wait on someone else. :)
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Great job! I'm sure all the flowers look beautiful. I don't like to wait either..... :)


  6. How funny! I want it done when I want it done to but I usually end up waiting until Hubby gets "in the mood" or feels like doing it. I like your aggression, "get er done!"

  7. I'm reminded of a failed day-lily project when I think of waiting for the he of the household to do a gardening job. It was time to dig and replant because they were crowding each other. He dug quite nicely and piled ALL in the same pile. No way to tell the expensive hybrid from my sister from any other. As the old saying goes "If you want it done right. Do it yourself". Congratulations on your ingenuity.

  8. Teresa,
    I've found a guy's time line to getting things done runs on a whole different clock then ours! Like you, I want it done now, not a week or more from now! Your mums look great, once they bloom, there will be some gorgeous color in your garden! I agree with Lea, a lot of the time it's up to us to "get er done"!

  9. This is cracking me up but I totally get it!