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Toile wallpaper

Remember when I told you that BACK DOOR GUEST are the best?? Well, that is true, but entering through our laundry room was not the most inviting room for our back door guest, so I spruced it up a bit with some toile wall paper.

 Of coarse, I had to add some "junk" finds.

 An old whiskey barrel and some over sized moss balls.

 An old cotton basket and watering can with some fake greenery.

 Of coarse there are those things that are staples in this room, and things that I have no place to hide, and an old out-of-date washer and dryer that still work, and will stay as long as they continue to work :)

Just another staple in our home that I am proud to be able to offer to any 4-legged visitor that comes thru the back door.

You can see how long and narrow this room is, which made it most difficult to photograph. See Sophie's little doggy door??

The big upright freezer is also not pretty, but it will be filled with fresh garden food soon. There are just some rooms that will never be the most inviting in a home, but I am really liking the way that the toile paper cozied this un-inviting room up.

I left the ceiling a shade of brown because (1) I didn't want  wasn't able to paint it after hanging paper on these 10 feet walls, and (2) I really like the brown color with the red wall paper.

Now,we are leaving out of the laundry room headed into the kitchen where I hope you will join me for my next post on the easiest, and yummiest recipe ever!

I am joining Sherry over at her  Open House Party.


  1. Love anything toile, your wallpaper looks wonderful!!!

  2. Luv, luv the toile wallpaper.... and the big moss balls, and the basket.... I will gladly be a back door guest :-).
    Happy May Day!!
    Hugs, Gee

  3. I totally agree, Teresa, the laundry room is very difficult to make pretty, but I think you've done just that! The wallpaper is gorgeous and looks beautiful with the ceiling color and the crown molding. I wish my laundry room was big enough for a freezer; oh, but wait....we don't have a freezer, so never mind!

  4. I think your laundry room is very cozy Teresa. I told you before that I love the wallpaper, but you added some great touches, especially that container of doggie treats! I have some of those wire baskets like yours, so I guess that means I have good taste like you! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  5. The wallpaper is fabulous...it really adds to the soft country theme you have going on! Love having baskets in the laundry room, too, to corral all the essentials. Great job! :)


  6. I have and always will love toile paper. I need to do something like that in mine. Can't wait to see what else lies behind that laundry room door. Happy rest of the week!

  7. I'm a sucker for toile and your laundry room looks luscious! The brown ceiling is a really pretty contrast, too. Wish my room looked this neat- I always have piles of junk everywhere! LOL

  8. Loving the look of the wallpaper:) Great addition to SPIFF up your laundry area! Have a blessed day sweet friend, can't wait to go on to the kitchen for that recipe:) HUGS!

  9. I love it! The wallpaper makes the laundry room/entrance look so elegant and inviting! Especially love the ceiling!

  10. I LOVE the wallpaper! It really transforms the room and looks wonderful.

  11. Teresa,
    the red toile paper, the ceiling color, perfect! All the little touches just make it that much more inviting. You've gone and done it now, all Sophie's friends will be visiting in the hopes of emptying out that jar of treats! Red and brown are my colors so you know I love it! Laundry rooms are one of the hardest to decorate and make cozy, but you can do anything! (Don't let it go to your head)! Rebecca
    PS. will be in touch soon, promise!

  12. I think it looks great! I've done nothing in my laundry room. My washer & dryer look a lot like yours. We had a repairman come to fix something a few years ago & he told me when I replace them I should buy another set just like it because they last longer than all the new fancy machines.

  13. Teresa, I'm pinching myself to see you back! Love the new blog! I love the toile wallpaper! It's one of my favorites! You always have the greatest vignettes! Hugs to Sophie!

  14. Really like the toile paper and decorative items - great choice. I was doing laundry yesterday and looking at my "laundry area" - length and width of a washer and dryer side by side, behind bi-fold doors. Not much to work with. :/

  15. That is beautiful!! I LOVE toile! Great job!

  16. Teresa, I found you! Since you left a couple of comments on my blog, I had to find you. Could that be a MS Bulldog on your back porch? Call me Mrs. Cravets - I snooped around a little. ;-) I love the toile wallpaper!!! You have sparked a project for me, because my MIL gave me 3-4 double rolls of wallpaper a few years ago - a toile that I LOVE. Just couldn't figure out where to put it, so it sits in a closet upstairs. Wow, I love the look of yours! I could do some laundry in there and possibly enjoy it a little more. ;-) I'm looking forward to seeing all your projects. You're doing a great job with your blog! Love it - just add an about page and say where you are. Bulldogs run in packs, you know.

  17. Hello Teresa! It was good to get a comment from you this morning, because it reminded me that I wanted to stop by and see if I'd missed any new posts from you, and you're right I have! I've got to pay better attention, because I always love your posts, and the great flare you have in decorating! But you're right about the shopping here in TN--I just wish we had more room in our van, because there are some great finds, and prices to go along with them. Next time maybe I'll leave my husband at home! ;-))!!!

  18. Teresa, So pretty and I love the toile wallpaper! Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  19. And this is why I'm so glad to find you again. :) You have such pretty style.