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Fall at the farm.......in the past

I'm not quite ready to reveal our fall farm decor just yet, so I thought I would share some of the old decor that I have used on the farm in the past. Oh, did I mention it is so hot here in Mississippi that you can hardly breath, so it is not feeling much like fall. 

 Some of you may remember Farmer and Mrs. P from last year?? They were dressed in their finest for this photo, surrounded by mums and pumpkins. Farmer P doesn't really care about all of this, but this is Mrs. P's  favorite time of year, and she usually goes all out.

Mrs. P had the "less is more" attitude last year, but things will be quite different this year. She is not quite finished decorating, but she has already had folks stopping and taking pictures, and one lady asked her just today if she could dress all of her kiddo's and bring them over for a picture on the porch. Of coarse that tickled Mrs. P. 

Ya'll know there will be roo's in most all of the fall decor, well, probably all of the decor that Mrs. P does. 

Roo's inside and out!

The mantle is quite different this year....you'll see soon enough. 

Just a closer up of the mantle. 

Ok, so this is not exactly a fall photo, but isn't she just a doll??

Oh, and do ya'll remember this from year before last, I think it was a southern living recipe?? Maybe a cream cheese apple bundt cake with praline icing?? I'll betcha there may be one at the farm this year because ya'll know how Mrs. P just loves to cook!

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging and visiting now that summer is almost over with. Can't wait to see everyone's fall decor. 


  1. Well, I loved that mantle so yes I am anxious to see this years!

  2. Oh, can't wait to see this years. You sure make mine look very plain and ordinary, but, that's okay. :o) I use to go all out but in recent years I have less. Mainly because I get tired of dragging it out of the attic and then dragging it down the stairs. I'm in search of a one story house. :o) Great post!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your decor of Fall in the past. Still hot here, and other things going on so don't know if will be decorating for Fall that much.
    Love the pic of furbaby in the basket! :-D

  4. Teresa, I have always loved your seasonal decor! Can't wait to see what you've done this year! If people are stopping to take pics, I know it is spectacular, as always!

  5. Wish I lived close enough to bring my Grands to your farm for a photo shoot! I remember all this from last year and just loved it! If you've been decorating, you must be feeling better -- I am so glad!

  6. Yeah! Nice to see your sweet face:) Love all that FALL decor and YES, I sure do remember that YUMMILICIOUS cake:) Have a blessed day dear Teresa, BIG HUGS!

  7. I enjoyed your review of fall decorations (gorgeous pics!) and am looking forward to the big reveal for this year. Hey, great news - cooler weather is only a couple of days away. Yay! Well, that's relative since it'll still be technically hot. Just not as hot. I've missed you and was excited when your post came up in my reader!! We have a female Shorkie coming our way very soon - I think of Sophie because they seem so similar. Lucky girl, Sophie made the review. :-)
    <3 Kim

  8. Teresa, I love all you Fall decorations! I can't wait to see this year's mantel! You're the mantle star in my book! I try to channel you when I decorate a mantel!:)The farm is lovely and I always admire your keen sense of style!

  9. Teresa,
    can't wait to see your fall décor, you always make everything gorgeous! Looking forward to your visit here, can't wait to hit the flea!
    Give me a call and let me know what your plans are!

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  11. I can't wait to see what you do. It's so hot I have no desire to do anything fall related. Ugh. Sophie is so freakin adorable!!