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Christmas 2013 at the farm

Here are just a few tidbits of Christmas at the farm this year (better late than never, huh). I don't want to go into picture overload, so I will spread things out over a couple of different post.

 I did a "happy" colorful Christmas this year rather than the "woodsy" bird/twiggy theme that I usually go with. Oh wait, I am only showing you the "Happy" colorful stuff today. There may be some other stuff coming.

 I love the "happy" colorful theme that I went with this year, but I don't think I will ever get the "woodsy" theme out of my system. I think it is the country coming out in me :).

I also used a 10 ft pencil stick tree this year instead of my usual big/full 10 ft tree in order to cut down on decorations. I already had everything but the ribbon, and I bought it on clearance after Christmas last year.  I also used colored lights, which I never do, and I am loving the change. I can see this being a keeper.

 The mantle has the same theme.

The little snowmen are dancing....can ya tell? Also, their scarves match Sophie's Christmas scarf :)

 Here is a close up of the ribbon. It is the black Christmas check mixed with other fun colorful ribbon.

 I also got the stockings on clearance after Christmas last year, and my little monogram lady personalized them for me. So far, Sophie's is the only one with anything in it. Do you see the little monkey sticking out?

 A close up of the mantle.

My stocking is all the way on the other end all by itself  :(

 Another close up of the mantle. It is just a fun theme this year. Of coarse there is more, and I will get the rest posted asap! Until then, have a great week.


  1. Well it was worth the wait! I love your tree and your garland!! I am really loving the black and white you used to mix in this year, so pretty! Beautiful job :)

  2. I agree with Shana, "it was worth the wait!" Your tree and mantel are stunning! I love the "happy colorful" theme! It reminds me of MacKenzie-Childs and they are a favorite of mine! Dang, I have ribbon envy! You amaze me with your layers of ribbon- gorgeous! You know, I've always had mantel envy and I still do! I love the full garland! I try and try and just can't get it right! I'm off to pin these! I love every inch!

  3. So pretty and festive!
    I have done so little I have not even bothered to take pictures.
    Have a great week.

  4. Teresa, this is so pretty!I l love the bright, cheery colors and patterns! I knew you were creating something wonderful; and this does not disappoint! The stockings are adorable, too! I always love your big, thick mantels! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Beautiful, Teresa! I think the black and white ribbon and the stockings add such a classy element. The tree is just perfect. I really like how you did the ribbons. Of course, your mantel is gorgeous! Do you think Sophie has noticed her stocking? Maybe that's why she's tolerating the new scarf -- a little compromising!

  6. Oh, I love, love it!!! Everything is done to perfection. I can't wait to see more! Blessings!

  7. Love your decor, Teresa. That tree is gorgeous. xo

  8. Luv the bright and cheery beribboned tree! Beautifully done Teresa. Gorgeous.

  9. Ooh lah lah... that is one GORGEOUS tree:) Love the colors and the same mantel is still beautiful! Enjoy your week dear Teresa, HUGS!

  10. I love it!! You need to do a mantle tutorial. I want my mantle to look like this & every year I fail! I gave up & didn't even try this year.

  11. Absolutely love it all. I am so impressed with how you criss-crossed that ribbon down the tree. It looks so perfect and stunning. Love your home. New follower!