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Cold weather comfort food

Our weather guys here are really encouraging us to take them seriously about the ice storm that they have been predicting for days. Well, all of you that know me, know that I will use any excuse to get in the kitchen and cook. This is not one of my favorite meals, but it fits the weather, and was hubby's request. Supper at 6, come have a bite. 

 A large crock pot of homemade veggie soup, thrown together and slow cooked all day. Easily warmed up later if we do lose power like they are predicting.

 Homemade pimento and cheese, oh YUM!! This is one of my fav's!! Just grate some velveeta, add a jar of pimento's, and a jar of sweet red peppers, both drained of coarse, and a capful of lemon juice, a heaping scoop of your favorite mayo, mix together and it just doesn't get any better.

 Not very pretty, but I like the crust cut off of my bread. If your looking to impress someone, you could use a cookie cutter and make the bread a little prettier. The heart cookie cutter would be really cute this time of year :)

 When all done putting the sandwiches together, just throw in a ziploc bag and refrigerate....oh so moist! It doesn't hurt to have a bottle of cheap wine sitting around, either. :)

If your not a wine person, what about a cup of rich hot chocolate, made from milk, and topped off with cool whip and chocolate chips. 

Enjoy and stay warm! Thanks to all of you have e mailed me to see if I am still alive. 


  1. It all sounds and looks yummy to me. I am past due making a pot of soup and stocking the freezer - need to get busy.
    "They" originally predicted the snow would hit here, but the forecast got changed and I was glad. I am over Winter. :(

  2. All looks very yummy to me, Teresa! Good luck with the predicted storm..

  3. Oh my, I am getting my coat, hat and gloves and heading your way:) That soup looks delicious! I like mine with cornbread! LOVE pimento cheese sandwiches, I think I have everything to make those today! AND I'll have a cup of that YUMMY hot chocolate! Stay safe and warm dear friend! We are expecting the ice tomorrow, HUGS!

  4. Oh, how this sounds good to me! Stay warm, eat well, and take care. We have certainly had our share (and MORE) of bad winter weather up here in Ohio. Spring will be welcomed with a celebration! LOL hugs, Sue

  5. Sounds yummy to me! We have certainly had more than our share of bad winter weather up here in Ohio. Stay warm, eat well, and stay safe. hugs, Sue

  6. Teresa,
    loooooks goooood! Glad your back, hope you got my e-mail! Went to CA for a couple of weeks, had fun, weather was in the 70's and gorgeous. Here it's been cold, gloomy and wet but no snow. Drop me a e-mail if you get chance and catch me up!

  7. Oh my, this looks divine! Hope you're warm and safe.


  8. Yum! I'm sick of this weather!

  9. They sure kept talking about all the wintery weather for a couple weeks. And we got almost nothing in the Memphis area.

  10. Looks yummy! This week is grilling time!;)

  11. Dang, Miss Teresa, I wished we lived closer together! I'm a good kitchen cleaner upper and you're a great cook! This looks so yummy! Hug Sophie for me!

  12. I love the looks of that soup. My husband and I eat vegetarian, so that is one right up my alley. So glad to see you here blogging, with I had recipe for that soup.
    Thanks for letting me visit.

  13. Everything looks so good! Are we almost done with all the cold weather? Never thought I'd say this, but I'm about souped out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Being that I'm still fighting a cold, that soup looks reallllllly good to me today!