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Sharing fall pictures from the past..

Well, since I have been way too lazy to finish  my fall decor, I am going to pull up some pictures from the past, in no certain order. I have always enjoyed decorating for fall, so I don't know why I haven't wrapped things up yet...

 I love decorated mantels...for every season.

The more you have piled on, the better, as far as I am concerned.

 A really old picture here, these pumpkins came from Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge road side stands.

 DH's old truck, that he no longer owns, with Farmer and Mrs P posing with all of the fall decor. Of coarse there is a roo stuck in there. What farm girl decorates without Roo's?? lol

Another picture from way back....

Judging from colors, and picture quality, this has to be from waaaayyyyyy back, lol, but I love looking at all fall decor, inside and out.
Of coarse, who can go thru fall without a praline cake?? I wonder if I can find this recipe again...I'm thinking it is from Southern Living??

I just found so many fall pics looking back, so more to come later. I had forgotten how much I miss blogging, so stay tuned for more later. 


  1. I didn't receive any notifications that you were blogging again so I just signed up again. I can't believe I have missed all of these posts! Darn! You totally have the best Fall mantel I have seen! I love every inch and am off to pin it! You're the queen of "the more the better"- I love what you create!

  2. Hi Teresa, I have always admired your decorating skills. You have the prettiest mantel. The pumpkin and scarecrows are darling in front of the red truck. I hope life is treating you well. Hugs

  3. I well remember some of these pics, and it's fun to see them again! That Praline Cake has me drooling!

  4. Loved seeing the pics from previous years. Don't know if I will be doing any Fall decor this year, so yesterday I dug around in pics from previous years. Just may do a "visit from the past" myself.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. I remember many of these but not sure I've ever seen that cake,but certainly need to find that recipe. I love fall and am about to get started decorating.

  6. I love your Fall pics, especially that red truck! Enjoy the season dear friend. Hugs.

  7. Find that recipe! LOL Loved seeing fall decor from the past! :-)

  8. Beautiful decor! It's still so hot here and I just haven't had the interest to decorate. Love fall over all seasons but the heat is disappointing.

    I think the cake is from Southern Living! Looks delish and I wish I had a piece right now.