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Fall at 1800Farmhouserd with Farmer and Mrs P

Well, I didin't know if Mrs P would be able to be here for the fall photo session this year, she has had a really rough summer......but she made it!!

Farmer and Mrs. P are greeting everyone from their rocking chairs this year. Mrs P is recovering from a few "mishaps" that resulted in some broken ribs, so she has not gotten all done that she would like to have, and of coarse farmer P.......well, just don't get Mrs. P started on him! Look at him, just laid back in that rocker like there is nothing to be done.
See, here is a better picture of him..... Mrs P made some big soft pillows for the rockers on the porch, and farmer P hasn't done a thing but sit around since.

Can ya'll tell how stiff Mrs P is, sitting in her rocker. Every little move hurts her. These were the first broken bones she has ever had, and she didn't handle it well at all, nor did she follow Dr's orders, which only made it worse....but she got her fall decorating done!

Mrs P is not real sure who this fellow is. She found him in a box in the attic and he kinda favor's her side of the family with the blonde hair and all. When she was trying to hang him on the wreath, she realized he must have a steel plate in his head, so it could possibly be one of her brothers.

How do ya'll like the rug? Mrs P had really wanted to paint the black/white diamonds on the concrete in front of the newly painted entrance, but she hasn't been able since her "mishaps" and broken bones and such, so she just bought a cheap rug and painted the diamonds on it for now.

Ya'll do notice the rooster's, don't ya? Everyone knows that Mrs. P is going to have rooster's in what ever seasonal decor that she does. That is the farm girl coming out in her.

 Mrs. P has always done a fall tree, but this year she took all of the decorations that she normally puts on it, and applied them to a garland around the entry way of the farmhouse. She didn't buy anything except for some ribbon, and of coarse it will be used again.

 If your out and about, stop and visit Farmer and Mrs P on the porch, they would be happy to have you visit.

There will be a few more pictures of fall on the farm later on. We finally had a rain last night, and the grass is "greening" up a bit. I love to look back on our previous fall pics and compare the weather and the decor.

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