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Bubba C's Homemade BBQ Sauce

Ya'll all know how much I LOVE to cook, and eat!! My friend's husband made me some home made barbecue sauce from scratch, so I couldn't wait to do some pulled pork to put it on. Oh YUM! I wish ya'll could taste it. But since you can't, I will show you pictures and tell you how good it was.

Since I am trying to drop a few pounds, I left the bread off. Normally, I would have put the pulled pork and slaw all on a bun, and stacked it as high as I could get it. As you can see, I didn't, and it was still wonderful just like this!

I cooked a pork tenderloin in the crock pot, in lemon juice, to cut that pork "whang" taste that I can't stand, then tore it apart and poured the Bubba C BBQ sauce on it....yea, that is the official name. Doesn't it sound great?

Can you see how thick it is?  It is an original, which I like. I do hope he remembers what he put in it, because I need another batch to keep in the camper :)

This is what it looked like after soaking up the Bubba C BBQ sauce. Isn't it beautiful?? Wish you could taste it!

Of coarse I had to make some baked beans and cole slaw to go with it, then put even more sauce on my meat.

If only I would have had it last week end at the camp ground to put on these burgers...but his wife kept forgetting to bring it to me....bet he doesn't know this!

Thank you, Bubba, for the BC BBQ sauce. It is great!