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The sky is the limit...when a girl has her very own saw!

Ok, ladies...and maybe a few men, I have my very own saw now...at miter saw!! It is hubby's old one. He got a new one, and I never thought he would pass the old one down to me :). It needs a new blade, DH says, but it didn't stop me. I knew exactly what my first project would be, went to town and got my supplies, set my saw horses up (I have my very own saw horses too), and went to work. All I have to say is...every girl needs her very own tools!
When we built the house, the shutters that were put on didn't reach the top of the transoms (yes that was my doing), and quite simply weren't wide enough for my liking...and they were plastic...UGH!

Check them out....and shutter dogs from my friends, The Frost Steel company, that were a fraction of the cost of the "big stores". I showed Adam a picture, he cut me out 8 shutter dogs, much larger than what I could order, and they were only $30.00!! Those guys rock at Frost Steel.

Now...you have heard that old saying, one thing leads to another...not good photography because it isn't "doctored" but after the new shutters went up, that front door just kinda got lost, looked tiny, boring, and needed something. Don't ya think??

 Again, not a "doctored" pic, but I will do better later...check out the new door. At this point, it is still a work in progress, but you get the jist of it. I wanted the front door to "outshine" the rest of the front and be the focal point, so it had to be massive.

We had no idea that under all of that white paint, was wood. We thought everything was medal. After seven days of stripping and sanding, we were finally able to start the wood work. . Hubby added lots of wood work over the hardy plank, we stained it, and the door, to make a statement. I will show pics of the finished product a little later. How many of you remember Annie Parsons from my blogging before?? Well, Annie got ahold of the new wood work, and some of it is missing, and other has lots of teeth marks in it.

Hubby did the wood work around the new door, and it looked great until Annie got ahold of it.

These are the old shutters, short, narrow, and not so attractive. Loving the change that the large shutters have made, and LOVING having my own saw!