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Snicker Salad

Here is an "Oh So Yummy" recipe for you sweet lover's that do not like to cook. The most difficult part of the recipe was chopping the snickers bars! For you health food people, it does have apples in it. Does that count??
I found this recipe here, (I beleive in giving credit where credit is due) but tweaked it to fit my liking, just like any good cook would do (wink).  Ya'll know a good cook never follows the recipe, right????

I didn't even think about taking pictures and posting this recipe for everyone until after I had already made a huge mess.

Chopping the snicker's was the hardest part, because for some reason, I came in and threw them in the freezer. Why?? I have no idea. It made them really, really hard to cut, so don't do that!

 Then, you just sling all of the ingredients over into the kitchen aid and turn it on and let it mix.

 And.......WA- LAAA.....simple, but sweet goodness!

And I guess your wondering about the jelly jar?? Well, I had no cute glass desert dishes to serve this to company in, so I just put it into mason jars and put the lid on them. For the ones who were too full for desert, I just sent it home with them so that I didn't have to finish off the whole thing the next day! I had this left over, so I filled the jelly jar for one of my walking buddies.

Alright, here is the recipe after I "tweaked" it to my liking

2 8oz packages of soft cream cheese
2 cups of powdered sugar
1 32oz tub of cool whip
2 granny smith apples
12 regular size snickers bars

Chill at least an hour before serving, and the mason jar idea worked wonderfully for us!
If only I had some pecans in the freezer, I would have topped each serving with them...and a drizzle of caramel sauce on top of that, yum!

I am joining Elaine at Sunny Simple Life Sunday blog party, and Yvonne over at StoneGable for On The Menu Monday.