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She is here!!

If you recall, we ordered a new fifth wheel a while back.  She is beautiful! (yes, it is a she). She arrived about two weeks early, so when the phone call came yesterday saying she was here, it was a huge surprise, but a pleasant one.

This is the third camper we have bought in three years from this dealer, and this salesman, so he had a surprise for me when I got there.
This is the fifth wheel that they had waiting for me when I rounded the corner,  with my camera in hand, to see our new "forever" camper. Our salesman was doubled over from laughing so hard at this prank! He thought it was really cute, because he knew we were so excited about seeing the new camper.
Needless to say, this wasn't it!

They had her pulled around  back so that she could be plugged in and the air on. It was so cool and comfortable inside. This is Mr. Easley, our prankster salesman, and of coarse Sophie, in her new recliner.

She has a rear kitchen, with lots of counter space (for a small camper), and fun decor. I cannot wait to add some personal touches and make her feel "homey" and cozy.

I finally have a sink large enough to wash dishes in whenever needed, and a counter top with enough space to put them to dry. Ya'll know it is the little things that make me happy.

This is hubby scratching his head because he can't find anything to complain about :)

This is a view from the stairs.

Hubby checking out some of the new toys.

Hubby trying to decide where the bedroom tv will be installed. Oh surely you don't think you can go camping unless you have a tv in each room, do ya??

Hubby and Sophie trying to decide if they like the new couch, or their matching recliner's the best?? The couch really is quite comfortable for a "camper" couch. It also lets out into a queen bed :)

Sophie has room to get in the floor and play in this one. See those cabinet doors open under the tv?? It was being measured for the fireplace (big smile).

A queen bed in the bedroom, and I love the fact that the bedroom is off to itself . It can be totally shut off if one of us wants to sleep late :)

Can we please go now??

Unfortunately, we won't get to camp for a while because hubby's truck has not yet been equipped to pull her, so she is still at the dealership. That will all be taken care of Wednesday, and we will bring her home next week-end. She will be stocked immediately with all of her belongings, and hopefully taken out for her first camping trip really soon. 


  1. Oh she is a BEAUTY! Love camping! I would love to have a camper:) I think they are SO much fun! Enjoy your new toy and decorating her! Have a blessed day doing the "SALSA", HUGS!

  2. Well, if I were "into" camping this would definitely be my style. I'm just amazed at how lovely these campers are these days. Just like being at home. Happy travels in the years to come in your "home away from home."

  3. This is so exciting, Teresa! I just love it! It looks very spacious inside and 2 queen beds?!!! That's fantastic. It looks like Sophie loves it, too! Can't wait to hear all about your first trip!


  4. Oh how fun, Teresa! It is just gorgeous, and I know you and hubby (and Sophie) will have so much fun in it!

  5. Nice! Very Nice! Now that is the way to camp. :-D
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  6. CONGRATS on your new addition, she's beautiful!!! A few of our friends have them, and they love camping and traveling in them, and I have to admit to being a little jealous because they have a lot of fun--I know you will too, and will look forward to reading about your adventures!!!!

  7. Beautiful camper! Can't wait to hear about all the places you will visit!

  8. She looks great! I know y'all are really excited to take her out the first time.

  9. She is beautiful!! Love this girl! Sophie looks so happy too! I know you'll have many days of camping and hunting for junk in this gorgeous camper!

  10. Teresa,
    she's lovely,I can't wait to see all the little touches you add to cozy her up! Hubby and Sophie look quite content and comfy, isn't that what it's all about! My friend (been besties since 7th grade) and her husband visit me every fall with their camper. They park it in my driveway and spend a week or so. How good is a friend that brings her own house to stay in!
    Did you get my e-mail? I didn't make it to the 700 miler after all. Did you?

  11. Glamping! You're going out there in style, girl. I've never been in one of these campers- they sure have come a long way from the one Lucy and Ricky took to California- you do remember the I Love Lucy show, right? LOL
    A fireplace will be just wonderful- Enjoy!

  12. Teresa, your new girl is a beauty. Our family used to camp when the kids were small but our home-away-from-home was a pop-up camper. Not nearly as glamorous or spacious as yours. I know you will enjoy your new forever camper while enjoying God's beautiful creation. So happy for you.

  13. WOW!! It really looks spacious on the inside! It's very pretty! Congratulations!

  14. She is totally awesome! How exciting for you. I but you can't wait to hit the road! Have fun with your new baby. :)

  15. She's pretty! We love camping in our camper...great summer fun! Our pup Ellie-Mae loves it too...