Feel free to pin photo's from this blog...I'm not one of those blogger's that will flip out and go on a rant about you "stealing" my photo's because you liked it enough to share it, lol. I am not a "professional decorator, cook, gardener" or "professional" anything else....I BLOG FOR FUN. Nope....not one of the perfect blogger's here. My house is not perfect, and you will never be led to believe it is. I simply cannot offer you "how-to's", nor will I leave comment's on your blog offering decorating advice...sorry. If you are one of the "professional blogger's" as I refer to so many of them these days, I simply am not interested in your invite to your linky parties...with YOUR strict instructions to follow YOUR rules, lol, in order to increase YOUR traffic. If your not here for enjoyment, then this simply isn't the blog for you.


Sunflowers from the garden....

 Just trying to rush some Autumn weather by bringing in some sunflowers, so far it hasn't worked.


  1. It sure is nice to see you:) I am ready for some cooler weather! My swamp daisies are reaching for the sky but not blooming yet! When the weather changes, they will bloom:) Have a blessed day dear Teresa, HUGS!

  2. Fall is just around the corner. This Summer has flown by.
    Good to see you post again
    Sorry if this is a duplicate. My computer and I are not seeing eye to eye this morning.

  3. Glad to see you pop up. I am ready for cooler weather too.

  4. It's so nice to see you're posting again. Sunflowers are some of my favorites....they work for Spring and Fall! You have me laughing with your disclaimer on your header.....don't hold back, Teresa, tell us what you think! I love it. I think someone must have gotten under your skin. I'm so happy to have you back. Your kitchen is so pretty. We finally painted our kitchen cabinets and love the result. The Man wasn't sure at first, but I convinced him and now he is so happy.....mainly that it's done!

  5. So pretty! Dying laughing at the disclaimer!! I hope you're around more often! How are you?

  6. It's nice to have you back! I admire your independent attitude and sure wish more bloggers were like you. I am so tired of the professional bloggers pretending they do their blog for little old me. If regular readers knew how they are manipulated in order to add numbers which bring large amounts of money to said blogger, they might not be so pleased. One blogger in particular always says she has to have ads so she can present the best blog possible because it takes money to run a blog. Well, she wouldn't need so much money if she would stop decorating and then redecorating her entire farmhouse. Perhaps you can tell that I am fed up with the dishonesty of many bloggers these days. I have always enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to see what you are doing. Thanks for letting me rant! Love sunflowers too!

    1. Mandy, thank you so much for stopping by. I typed out a really long e mail, then realized I didn't have an e mail address for you. I ;have every intention of blogging again when the weather cools off. I enjoyed it so much before so many got so ugly and competetive. I will hush here, or I am just liable to start calling names, lol. But...I won't let a bunch of over rated, fake house wives keep me from doing what I enjoy.

  7. So,so good to see you here!! I totally agree with you and Mandy. I don't understand how these people post daily and always have something new to show. Granted, I'm retired and on a fixed income but I didn't spend money like that when I was working. I like "real"!! :) And all the pop-ups drive me wild!

    Hope you're doing well my friend!

  8. Teresa, I am backtracking on your posts. I missed these and resubscribed to your feed today. You know I love you and everything you make, decorate or paint! It's so good to see you back! You have a fantastic eye for design and have such a sweet spirit that shows in your blog! Hugs to Sophie!