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Pear butter, and more fall goodies at the farm

I have stayed inside the house with all of the windows closed up today because of the heat, so I have managed to get some more fall decor put together.  Here are a few teasers...

It has really "cozied" up the house.

I will show the whole picture later......I'm just teasing until I get finished.

How can a girl have fall without a rooster?? More of that later also.

Look what dear sweet hubby brought home for me this time... yes...three five gallon buckets of fall pears. Actually he was expecting pair preserves, but we still have plenty left over from the last five years! Sooooo, off I went to find something to do with all of these lovely pears (besides eat them raw, which I have done also).

I ended up with pear butter.  This just screams fall to me, and it is absolutely divine! After hubby tasted the first batch, he was all for more pear butter instead of preserves.

This is mostly for my benefit, because I did not follow one recipe, or write anything down.  I combined several that I liked, and I will never remember this next fall when I want to make this again. Since I never measure anything, all I will have to do is look at this post and know what I added......oh, and literally cups and cups of brown sugar for that caramel taste.....that is the key!

One batch (12-15 pears) doesn't make much after it is cooked down (I used the crock pot) then pureed, and then cooked down for an hour or so on the stove top. I used the little 4 oz jelly jars for one batch.  I love to fix little baskets of goodies at Christmas time, and I think these will fit in quite well.

When I went to dump the pair peelings at the compost area, look what I happened upon. I knew hubby had planted the fall garden, but I had no idea it was this far along. Guess what's for supper at my house???


  1. Wow! Wish you were my neighbor! Pear butter sounds delish!

  2. Does sound good ! Yellow squash cooked with onion and a little bacon drippings - Yum!
    Another hot day here also, but suppose to start cooling down after rain tonight.

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm totally jealous of all your pears! I bet the pear butter is delicious! And stop teasing with the Fall decor...lol!! LOVE what I see, so far! Your mantels always make me smile! And your decor outside is always amazing!

  4. Oh, here you go again, making me all hungry and salivating! I've never had or made pear butter, but I love apple butter, so I'm sure I would love the pear, too! You just must have boundless energy with all the things you do......you are my idol!

  5. Well, here you go again, making me all hungry and salivating! I've never had or made pear butter, but I love apple butter, so I'm sure I would love the pear, too! You must have boundless energy with all the things you do. You are my idol!

  6. You are so amazing and so inspiring! I have always thought I was industrious but you "take the cake." And, the fall decorations, oh, my, can't wait to see the finished product. And, I LOVE roosters and am going to have to part with many of them when we move. Hopefully I can find them a good home. Blessings!

  7. Your Fall decor is always stunning! I remember at a post, long ago, that said you were no tablescaper! Ha! Ha! You totally are! You always have the best vignettes and ideas! I can't wait to see more! Your pear butter looks yummy and the squash is beautiful! Mike loves to saute squash on the stove with onions. You know me, I'm just the "cleaner upper"! I know your home is smelling like Fall too with all the yummy things cooking!

  8. I don't care for pears but I love squash! Actually, I should probably try pears. I don't think I've had one since I was a kid so I might like them.

  9. Oh yes! GORGEOUS Fall colors:) My Sister just made pear relish! We love it but have never tried the butter, hmmmm... I will share that with her! YUMMY Squash, ours didn't produce this year:( I was sad! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Teresa,
    it all looks so good! You always make me want to go cook something! Maybe this time I really will!
    Got my fall up last weekend, it makes me happy! Can't wait to see what you do this year!
    PS. Sorry didn't get the e-mail sent will send it today!

  11. Teresa,
    it all looks so good! Yo always make me want to go cook something, maybe this time I REALLY will!
    Got my fall up this past weekend, it makes me happy! Can't wait to see what you do with your decorations this year!
    PS. sorry I never sent you an e-mail, will do it today!

  12. Teresa, you are so good about making your homemade goodies. I know that pear butter must be so tasty.
    Your Fall decor is gorgeous as always. You have so much flair. Happy Monday.

  13. Oh how very pretty! I found you while visiting another. I want an old farmhouse please! You do a beautiful job with floral designs. So ready for the coolness of Autumn.


  14. Wow! you inspire me. from the flower arrangements to the goodies you grow and cook. its all amazing.

  15. Love, love your fall decor! That pear butter looks delish! I know that's a lot of work but will be so enjoyed.


  16. oh how I love pear preserves so I imagine pear butter is super yummy too.

    our pears look a lot alike- mine aren't store bought either, they come from my neighbors tree. you can smell them a mile away..

    love your fall arrangement. I've been looking everywhere for bittersweet vine and cant find any locally.
    Sonny-155 DreamLane