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The beginnings of fall, and a new horse..

 I finally got started with my fall decor, but I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.
I haven't bought anything new...I used leftover's from years past. (No money spent = really pretty to hubby) lol

 I am loving the new over-sized mantle that hubby built when we re-did the fireplace with the airstone (faux stone).

 I absolutely love the rich, vibrant, colors of fall.

I wish it could be fall all year long.

Now, the real reason for this post...No, it is not a real horse. Sorry if I got your hopes up.  A while back, I ordered an over-sized poster from All-posters. It is a 48x36, for $36.00, using a discount that they were offering at the time, and free shipping. Take a look...
It has been awful trying to get a decent picture of it, and this is the best that I could do with the poor lighting in this room. It looks all washed out, and it really isn't. Now, after I got this poster, I just simply could not,  would not pay the price that everyone wanted in order to get it framed. The least amount that I could find a frame for at this size was $500.00!!! Whew...this would defeat the whole purpose of trying to find a piece of art at a reasonable price.

We have friends who owned a gift/frame shop, who recently closed to go home and enjoy life, who had leftover material's, and when I asked...he was happy to frame the poster for me. Ahhhh, thank goodness for bored friends. I only had to pay $25.00..and that was for the glass. He wouldn't take another penny. His name is Mr K. D., and I am so grateful that he was willing to help me out. (He knows how tight hubby is) Now, I have this huge picture in my new dining room, with a total of $61.00 invested....not $500.00+.

Here is a close up of the frame that he wouldn't let me pay for. Thanks, Mr. K. D.

Hopefully I will have more of the new dining room to share soon. I just simply can't get decent pictures with the poor lighting and this latest camera that I have.


  1. Love the decor on the mantel, Teresa! You know how I like a full, lush mantel. Yours looks great with all of the pretty fall colors. I actually thought you had gotten a new horse...lol! Great deal on the framing! It's just nice to know people! Love the horse!

  2. Love your fall decor! I'm having a hard time getting motivated here since our new house is under construction. :o)) And, the horse picture is just beautiful and perfect in that spot. Happy weekend!

  3. I am holding off on Fall decorating until I return from another beach trip:) LOVE that HORSEY picture and the frame is AWESOME! Great frame from your retired friend! Have a blessed day and weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Love the mantle decor but I want to see a pic of the entire thing!! How do you make all of that stuff stay together. I get so frustrated working with it & it not staying put. That's a great deal for your art! I've had several things framed over the years & that stuff is outrageous!

  5. Love that frame! What a beautiful picture! Cant wait to see the rest of your mantle and all of your fall decor... Have a great weekend :)

  6. Pretty fall décor!...Christine

  7. Teresa! The picture is just gorgeous...totally something I would have a place for in my home. The first thing I thought was I can just imagine how much it cost! The frame alone???? Well, I am SO happy for your good fortune! This was one heck of a deal. Bravo!! Your hubby must be elated! And I LOVE your fall decor. I am thinking of doing my mantel this weekend because right now it is super summery (the mantel). I will add a little more stuff as the weeks go on.

    Thanks for your visit today. I hope I don't sound like I'm unappreciative of the lakehouse in the winter. It's a nice change of scenery in the winter, but it's not at all lively, more of a ghost town! I miss my kids and honestly, I am quite by myself during the week so it's not as if I need peace and quiet. Yes, it's beautiful, especially when the snow is falling, but just a few winter weekends is enough for me!

    Jane xx

  8. Teresa,I adore your mantel! You always have the most gorgeous mantels! This one is so pretty- I love the pumpkins, leaves and berries! You just amaze me with the fullness! I'm off to pin this one too! The horse is fantastic! What a gorgeous frame! Mr. K.D. is a jewel! You really have a treasure in this horse print!

  9. Stunning fall touches and the hore picture is gorgeous!

  10. LOVE all your Fall decorations. You are my inspiration. The horse picture is beautiful. Enjoy your beautiful home!

  11. Where have I been to have missed this? You always have the most gorgeous Fall decor, and your mantel looks gorgeous! Love the new art! The horse is truly an exquisite animal, and what a wonderful deal you got on getting that all framed up! It's truly beautiful.

  12. I love your decor. And the poster is a steal. I ordered 3 posters from them when I moved into my house and had Michael's frame them with their coupons.

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Fall is my favorite season too although we've had more heat than is necessary. :) The print is beautiful! So, so fortunate to have that gorgeous frame at no cost. Blows my mind at the cost of framing.


  14. Teresa,
    how could I have missed your posts considering you're on my side bar and all! Sherry and I were just talking about you yesterday, all good! We missed you! I guess it's because my computer time has been seriously slowed down this past year but I thought I was keeping up with everyone I wanted to, obviously not!! Kate had another baby girl last December and I've been keeping her until this past month when she put her in day care with Kailyn. My posting has been very hit and miss, partly cuz of that and partly cuz it was seeming more like a job then fun. Hope to get a little more regular. So glad you're back! Of course your mantle looks amazing, the bit you've showed us and the horse picture is amazing! I sent you an e-mail a while ago to see how you were but it came back. Caught up on all your posts I missed, your stacked stone fireplace is gorgeous! Promise to keep up with you better, if you decide to come back to Nashville to the flea or anything, you know who to call! Would love to see you for some good junking and maybe some good food!

  15. Hi - would love to know what stains and paints you used on the airstone... we're about to do the same thing for ours, and we're having trouble deciding on the right materials. Thanks!