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They are gone...

Summer time at the farm has led to some pretty big changes. Hubby has decided to let go of a few of his "boy-toys". He hasn't seen these pictures yet, but I will show them to you.

This is "Old Orange", as I called him,  he was the first to go. I thought hubby was going to cry when he left, but, he went to a local man who is going to give him a much better home. He is going to re-paint him and give him the attention that he needs. He has been driving him around and showing him off, so old orange really does have a better home.

This one was the "Old Navy" truck. Do you remember when Old Navy actually had these trucks sitting inside their stores??  I advertised this one and the red one on Craigslist on Sunday night, and they both sold on Monday to the first man that came to look. I wish I had a few more to sell because that was three weeks ago, and I have gotten numerous calls everyday since, and I finally deleted them off yesterday.

Some of you may remember this one. I got to use it in my fall decor last year. I knew the love was gone when he let it come out of the shop and be exposed to the weather for days.

These are the two men who bought the 51 and 52. They were just like two little boys with brand new toys. They were so funny, and nice.

Are you wondering what will replace them?? I will show you as soon as it gets here. We ordered a new fifth wheel this week, and it should arrive sometime in August :)