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Come by and eat with us...

Yes, it is an open invitation. Ya'll know that I love to cook. I hate to start using up my "stash" so early, but I have had a long day, been in the road most of it, and just didn't feel like putting forth a lot of effort to prepare a meal, so........I just pulled out a jar of my semi-home-made pasta sauce. Take a look. Can you smell it??

Go ahead, take a bite. You know a good cook always taste of everything before they serve it. Well, actually, I taste it so many times, I am usually too full to eat by the time it is all prepared :)

 It all started with fresh tomatoes from our garden.

 Then a packet of this mix.

 Of coarse the directions do not call for this pesto sauce, but I use a jar of it in mine, along with a can or two of tomato paste for thickening. Actually, the sky is the limit, and you can add anything you want. Garlic and fresh herbs would probably be good also.

 I don't remember how many jars I ended up with, but while eating tonight hubby was kind enough to suggest that I do another batch or two while we still have fresh tomatoes :)

 I use the five cheese ravioli from the freezer section at wal-mart. Just boil, drain, and mix with the heated pasta sauce. (You can use any pasta you like, this is just my preference.)

Top with your favorite cheese, if you choose,  and I love this one.

There has been a lot of corn cutting around here too. I did this one cream style, so if you don't like the pasta dish, we can fix you some fresh veggies. Either way, if you stop by, you won't leave hungry :)